Why Secretarial Audit Mandatory for Companies?

Why Secretarial Audit Mandatory for Companies?

Why Secretarial Audit Mandatory for Companies?

Secretarial Audit offers a broad check on compliances of Company under applicable acts including SEBI Act, Companies Act, Depositors Act, FEMA, and other industry-specific laws. Secretarial Compliance Report consists of the SEBI Act, its regulations and circulars issued thereunder. Secretarial audit guides you in dealing with the changes brought in to managerial burden and management of the business in a fully complied way. Secretarial services could be further divided into comprehensive services for setting up the operations of a corporate business entity consisting of Business Set-Up services and Regular Compliance services.

Secretarial audit advisory services in incorporating business include:

ASC offers end-to-end secretarial audit advisory services based on the client’s specific needs and objectives-

  • Incorporation and setting up of all types of Companies
  • Setting up of LLP & LLC in India
  • Setup business in India through a branch or liaison office
  • Attaining statutory approvals and licenses for commencing the business from local, municipal, state and Central Government Authorities
  • Providing extensive support to Foreign Companies wishing to start a business in India under the government’s Foreign Direct Investment Policy.

 Event-Based Compliance Services: Offering advisory services for secretarial compliances to a business on both ongoing and retainer basis, as per the needs of the client. Retainer Secretarial Services include:

  • Organizing Board Meetings both physically or via Video Conferencing for a Company and circulating minutes
  • Arranging Annual General Meetings for a Company
  • Filing of annual accounts and undertaking all the statutory filings
  • Maintenance of statutory registers and minute books
  • Assistance in implementing Corporate Social Responsibility as per provisions of the Companies Act 2013
  • Help in the compliances on the constitution of Board of Directors, Independent Directors, Women Directors, small shareholders Directors, Audit Committee, Remuneration and Grievance Committee

How consultants offer Secretarial services?

  • Organizing and holding extraordinary shareholder meetings connected with event-based activities and project work and circulating minutes;
  • Assistance in incorporating constitutional changes in the Companies like a change of Company name, registered offices, business objects, financial year, increase/decrease of registered share capital or any other change as needed
  • Conducting due diligence on a business entity or producing any other specific search reports in respect of the Companies 
  • Set up any group company, branch establishments, project office;
  • Advisory and transactional services for merger, acquisition, restructuring business, reorganization and winding up of companies.
  • Support companies in the share transfers and share issues in the form of Private placement/Right Issues/Sweat Equity/ESOPs etc.;
  • Preparation and filing of financial statements and other documents in the form of XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language).
  • Assistance in registration/change or satisfaction of Charge


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