Singapore Business Desk

Singapore Business Desk

Singapore Business Desk

Globalization is the key to the expansion of the business across the globe, wherein ASC acts as the catalyst to create that important “nexus”, for our clients. Singapore desk formed in the year 2016 is an established department growing rigorously by each passing year. We at ASC provide you with a one-stop solution to all your business needs. Our exceedingly qualified professionals in India and as well as in Singapore will offer you clear answers to your complex questions.

Singapore's economy is a hugely developed free-market economy. It is a major foreign direct investment (FDI) country in the world. Being a Tax heaven country, it makes it even most attractive for the business players to do a Company formation in Singapore. ASC Singapore Business desk offers a complete spectrum of services such as corporate compliance, entry strategy, tax and regulatory services, audit, assurance services and other consultancy services to individuals and companies looking to invest or conduct business in India and Singapore. We support our clients Company formation in Singapore and operation in Singapore and the wider ASEAN and APAC regions. We have cross-border relations with other firms operating in the region to ensure that our clients receive an optimal level of service.

Comprehensive services to our clients are the underlying ingredient of our successful business. 


1. Establishing the organization

To enter the markets and setting up the business is the first and foremost requirement. For that a Company in the "name and style" as you require (as per availability) is incorporated in Singapore. Our dedicated team has a commendable record to incorporate a company in 2-3 days, hassle-free. The 3 topmost eligibility for Company formation in Singapore is to have a local director, a registered office, and a company secretary.

2. Annual Professional and other services

So, what we can provide at the professional end are the services of a qualified Company Secretary handling the company compliances. Looking after the legal coordinates. Keeping the books of accounts, minutes of the meetings and also maintaining statutory registers required under the law. We can offer a place of work, an office address where the company gets its establishment recognition.  

3. Annual Compliance Services

To continue working in the Singapore economy, abiding by the laws of the land is important. ACRA (The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) is the national regulator of the businesses, corporate/organizations, and professionals present in Singapore. All the regulatory compliances mentioned by ACRA are mandatory to follow such as the Annual filing of the company. Any changes made in the organization need to be informed to ACRA.

IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore) is the revenue collecting and tax administrating authority of Singapore. The income tax return needs to be filed by the deadlines as per the nature of the taxpayer, whether a company or an individual.  Before paying the final tax a previous return of Estimated tax (ECI) has to be filed. We provide you such services at nominal costs.

4. Tax Audit and Accounting Standards

Progressive organizations need to consider their tax affairs carefully to gain trust and stay ahead of the competition. We provide complete solutions to the challenges faced by any size of the organization.

We use a combination of logic and instinct based on our experience and insights. Likewise, we at ASC, try to minimize your risk and liabilities in a transparent and ethical way.

Providing you end-to-end services by responding to your business needs and queries swiftly. We deliver tailored and effective recommendations.

Areas of tax one can explore for Company formation in Singapore:-

  • Corporate and business tax
  • Direct international tax
  • Global mobility services
  • Indirect and local taxes
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax policy

We use a single audit approach and methodology globally, which means we offer you consistent, high-quality services wherever you are situated on the globe. Our audit process is an excellent business improvement tool that identifies and resolves any issues whilst adding value.
We can also help you with any specific, country-related GAAP accounting issues, as well as in converting from one set of accounting standards to another. Our team has the knowledge and experience in all aspects of audit and assurance.


Having the Right skill and experience in the given field we provide you with proper one-to-one consulting. As your business grows, our advisory services are designed to help you achieve your goals. Here, we deliver our expertise by helping you understand, adapt, and overcome the various obstacles that may cause hindrance in the smooth working of the business. Helps you understand how best to protect and maximize value. To manage risk and seek an appropriate balance between risk and opportunities. 

Creating value for the business is our aim. The contentment of the client is the priority. Fortunate trade helps to keep the business running in the long term this is what we look forward to.  

Businesses working with us have shown good client experience and satisfaction with the solution and services provided. We would be delighted to serve you. 

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