BIS Registration in Bangalore

BIS Registration in Bangalore

BIS Registration in Bangalore

ASC Group understand the importance of adhering to quality and safety standards for your products in the Indian market. The Bureau of Indian Standards is the national body authorized to establish and maintain standards for applicable products promoting quality and ensuring consumer safety. BIS registration is mandatory for certain categories of goods to sell or manufacture products in India. ASC Group assist in BIS registration services in Bangalore and PAN India to advise you throughout the process, assist in the testing process and obtain the necessary certification.

What is BIS Registration?

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) Registration is a process that provides product certification for quality and safety conformity with Indian standards specified by the BIS regulations. The BIS certification process includes product testing, documentation, application filing, factory visits and evaluation to ensure that the products meet the relevant performance, quality, and safety requirements.

Categories of Products Requiring BIS Registration in Bangalore:

 BIS registration is applicable to certain categories of products such as;

  1. Electronics and IT Goods: Such as laptops, printers, tablets, LED lamps, smartphones, etc.
  2. Automotive Components: Such as tires, safety glasses, batteries, etc.
  3. Machinery and Industrial Equipment: Including pumps, motors, compressors, etc.
  4. Food and Agricultural Products: Including dairy products, packaged drinking water, etc.
  5. Chemicals and Petrochemicals: Like rubber, industrial gases, plastic products, etc.
  6. Construction Materials: Like cement, paints, steel, etc.

Benefits of BIS Registration:

  1. BIS Registration enhances the credibility of your products in the Indian market, promoting consumer trust and confidence.
  2. BIS registration is mandatory for several product categories to be legally sold or manufactured in India.
  3. BIS standards ensure that your products meet the necessary quality and safety benchmarks, reducing the risk of product recalls or customer complaints.
  4. BIS-certified products gain global recognition, facilitating international trade and export opportunities.

Key Steps in the BIS Registration Process in Bangalore:

  1. Application filing and Review: ASC Group will assist you in filing the application along with arrangements for the documentation process such as technical specifications, test reports, manufacturing process details, etc. Our BIS experts will precisely review the documents to ensure they meet BIS requirements.
  2. Testing of product Samples: As per the regulation, BIS registration requires inspection and verification of product samples tested in BIS-approved laboratories. ASC Group guides you in the testing process and getting verified by the accredited testing laboratory.
  3. Factory Inspection: For certain notified products, the BIS department might also make a factory inspection to verify the quality control measures and manufacturing process. Our team will assist you with the inspection and ensure to meet BIS regulations.
  4. Obtaining Certification: Upon successful completion of the product testing and inspection process, the BIS department will issue the BIS certificate in Bangalore or PAN India if the product meets the relevant standards. ASC Group will handle the entire BIS certification process in the granting process.
  5. Renewal of Certification: BIS Registration is valid for 2 to 5 years. We assist you in renewing it to maintain BIS compliance.

How ASC Group helps?

  1. Helping businesses understand whether their products are applicable to BIS registration and the specific standards they need to comply with.
  2. Assisting in the preparation and submission of all essential documents and forms required for BIS registration.
  3. Supporting businesses on the testing and verification process for their products to ensure they meet BIS standards.
  4. Ensuring that the company's manufacturing processes, inspection, product quality, and safety standard complies with BIS requirements.
  5. Representing the business during the BIS registration process and collaborating with the BIS authorities on behalf of the company.
  6. Helping manufacturers/importers of applicable products with the BIS registration renewal as notified and updating them on any changes in BIS norms.

Obtaining BIS registration is a crucial step towards verifying the quality and safety of your products in the Indian market. The expert team at ASC Group helps in BIS Registration in Bangalore and anywhere in India with comprehensive support throughout the process.

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