EPR Registration in Bangalore

EPR Registration in Bangalore

EPR Registration in Bangalore

India has an environment law making department known as the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) that has come up with policies aimed at combating and containing pollution resulting from product waste. These are the Plastic Waste management rules, 2016, E-waste (management) rules, 2016 and Battery Waste management rules 2020.

EPR Regulations is a set of policies to regulate the management of e-waste, plastic waste, battery waste, and others which are hazardous products with a threat to the surrounding environment. The above regulations involve EPR Registration where the producers are required to bear the cost of designing, managing, and disposing of the product even right from its production till its eventual disposal.

EPR Registration in Bangalore is compulsory for firms within Bangalore to make sure they satisfy the guidelines of the regulation that has Environmental management standards to achieve the environmentally sustainable product life-cycle. ASC Group helps in the preparation of EPR Compliance and ensures that Recycling targets according to the product notification of the government of India are mandatory.

EPR Registration in Bangalore

Benefits of Obtaining EPR Registration in Bangalore, Karnataka

  • Legal Compliance: Getting an EPR certification in Bangalore sends a signal to your ES that your organization is in compliant with the set law hence protect it against legal consequences in the future due to noncompliance.
  • Environmental Excellence: EPR activities promote the use of environmentally sound waste disposal methods that include weight minimization, recycling, and utilization of waste material resources. Having EPR certificate proves your commitment to environment sustainability processes and environmentally responsible behaviour.
  • Reputation Enhancement:This is thought to make products with EPR certificate labelled as environmentally responsible and therefore held in high esteem by the public. With increasing awareness of environmental issues, this alignment with green consumers, stakeholders, and partners can become a competitive advantage.
  • Cost-Efficiency:EPR programs encourage the implementation and optimization of sustainable waste management practices, widening the likelihood of decreasing waste management costs and fortifying the bottom line.
  • Competitive Edge:An EPR certificate may provide your organization with a competitive advantage by calling attention to its stewardship of social and environmental resources and its sound management of waste.

Process for EPR Certification in Bangalore, Karnataka

  1. Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) Registration:The producers of the aforesaid wastes have to actually require the CPCB registrants if they are not registered with the apex body that is responsible for the enforcement of the following regulations.
  2. Elaboration of an EPR Plan:Safety measures to be implemented, along with the comprehensive EPR plans stated by the company, must be reported to the CPCB. The waste, transportation, recycling, and disposal frameworks are all included in this blueprint.
  3. Certificate Approval and Issuance:The EPR plan that has been submitted has to go through CPCB review, which takes into consideration its suitability of having an EPR authorization certificate issued to the producer.
  4. Conformity with Regulations:Some of the crucial provisions of the said waste management rules, including e-waste, plastic waste, and battery waste, after obtaining EPR authorization certificate, follows proper compliance.

How ASC Group Will Help You in Obtaining EPR Registration in Bangalore, Karnataka?

  1. To offer comprehensive consultation across the EPR spectrum of how to obtain the licenses & certifications for plastic-waste, e-waste & battery-waste.
  2. To help in providing and sourcing for the local recycler to sign an agreement, and for the documents that will be needed in the application process to be forwarded to the CPCB department.
  3. Help in obtaining EPR certification form CPCB Department.
  4. It is necessary to plan the consistent submission of the quarterly returns to the CPCB department
  5. Assistance for the collection and segregation of the company’s IT scrap, plastic scrap, and battery scrap as per target fixed with CPCB and submit the same to the respective department on a fixed date. 
  6. If any other services related to EPR Registration Authorization, or otherwise.

ASC Group understands that EPR registration in Bangalore can be complicated and time-consuming. That is why we offer individual assistance to all of our clients, ensuring that their EPR registration in Bangalore is performed swiftly and accurately. Get in touch with our specialists for more information about EPR registration in Bangalore, and other areas in India.

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