BIS Certification for Cast Aluminium and its Alloys – Ingots and Castings for General Engineering Purposes (IS 617:1994)

BIS Certification for Cast Aluminium and its Alloys – Ingots and Castings for General Engineering Purposes (IS 617:1994)

BIS Certification for Cast Aluminium and its Alloys (IS 617:1994)

This Standard covers Cast aluminium and its alloys – Ingots and castings for general engineering purposes. It covers the various properties that cast aluminium and its alloys should adhere to for obtaining a BIS certificate given by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Cast aluminium ingots and castings are important elements in the non-ferrous metal industry, having a distinctive role in the production of aluminium-based products. Aluminium and various alloys, have desirable properties crucial for many industrial applications. Since they contribute significantly to modern manufacturing, it is very important to comply with the standards as set by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) to ensure complete safety and reliability. The Chemical composition and mechanical properties of Tensile, hardness, pressure test etc are crucial factors to be fulfilled during their testing.

BIS is the national body in India responsible for setting and establishing standards for various products to ensure quality and consumer safety. The BIS certification scheme is primarily voluntary. However, the Central Government mandates compliance with Indian Standards for certain products which it deems important. For such products, mandatory use of the Standard Mark through a License or Certificate of Conformity (CoC) is issued by BIS, accomplished via the issuance of Quality Control Orders (QCOs). Therefore, it has become obligatory for all the manufacturers of aluminium alloy ingots and castings, in India or overseas, to immediately apply for BIS licence and obtain a valid BIS certification licence. 

Please find the order called the Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys (Quality Control) Amendment Order, 2024. This Order will take effect from 01.12.2024.

Goods or articles Indian Standard Title of Indian Standard
Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys IS 617:1994 BIS Certification (ISI Mark) for Cast aluminium and its alloys – Ingots and castings for general engineering purposes
IS 11890: 1987

BIS Certification (ISI Mark) for High purity primary aluminium ingot for remelting for special applications



Process of BIS Certification for Cast Aluminium and its Alloys

Certification from BIS ensures adherence to the highest quality standards, establishing a strong basis for maintaining overall product quality. BIS Certification acts as a quality assurance mark that enhances consumer trust in the product and brand, fostering greater customer loyalty and goodwill.

The following is the process to be followed for getting certification:

  1. Identify the Standard: The manufacturer must first determine the relevant standard applicable to their product.
  2. Submission of Application: The application for the license must be fully completed, and include all important fields and necessary documents and undertakings. Moreover, the application fee, factory inspection fee, and 50% of the minimum marking fee must be paid at the time of submission.
  3. Factory Inspection: The manufacturer should have all required information, clarifications, and documents ready on the day of the factory inspection. A complete technical verification of the documents will be conducted during the visit.
  4. Sample Collection and Testing: The Inspecting Officer will make certain that the product sample is packed, sealed, and barcoded in their presence, and a photograph of the barcode will be recorded in the online system. The sample will be sent to the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), which will suggest the best laboratory for testing. The Inspecting Officer can either accept this suggestion or choose another laboratory, giving valid reasons for their choice in the system.
  5. Grant of License: The applicant must pay the remaining 50% of the minimum marking fee within seven days of receiving the license.
  6. Renewal of Certification: BIS Registration is valid for 2 to 5 years. Assistance is provided for renewal to ensure continued BIS compliance.

Why ASC Group for BIS Registration for Cast Aluminium and its Alloys?

ASC Group provides comprehensive solution and end to end support and handholding in the entire process of certification ensuring all compliances are met. ASC group is a firm of seasoned and experienced experts with complete knowledge about the regulatory requirements and nitty gritty of BIS Certification.

The journey to obtaining “BIS Certification for Cast aluminium and its alloys” requires detailed documentation of processes, materials, and testing procedures. ASC Group assists manufacturers in preparing thorough and accurate documentation that complies with BIS standards, minimizing the risk of errors and rejections.

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