BIS Registration for Wood Based Boards/Block Boards (IS 1659:2004)

BIS Registration for Wood Based Boards/Block Boards (IS 1659:2004)

BIS Registration for Wood Based Boards/Block Boards | ASC Group

The National organization in India called BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) is in charge of creating and upholding standards for a range of goods in order to guarantee customer safety and enhance quality. By guaranteeing the supply of dependable, high-quality products; lowering consumer health risks; encouraging exports and import alternatives; and limiting the spread of product variants through standardization, certification, and testing, BIS has made a substantial economic contribution to the country.

BIS Registration for Wood Based Boards/Block Boards, guarantee that they adhere to strict requirements for quality, safety, and longevity. These products' conformity with these criteria is indicated by the BIS ISI Mark, which gives customers confidence in their dependability and quality. In addition to fostering consumer trust, manufacturers that adhere to these norms also help the broader goals of market safety and product standardization.

This Order called the Wood Based Boards (Quality Control) Order, 2024 and covers the items given below:

Goods or articles Indian Standard Title of Indian Standard
Wood Based Boards IS 1659:2004 BIS Certification (ISI Mark) for Block Boards
IS 12823:2015 BIS Certification (ISI Mark) for Prelaminated particle boards from wood and other Lignocellulosic material
IS 3087:2005 BIS Certification (ISI Mark) for Particle boards of wood and other lignocellulosic materials (medium density) for general purpose
IS 12406:2021 BIS Certification (ISI Mark) for Medium density fibre boards for general purpose
IS 3097:2006 BIS Certification (ISI Mark) for Veneered particle boards


Please find the order on Wood Based Products (Quality Control) Order, 2024 below:


As per the order it will be effective from 11th February 2025. Provided that for small enterprises and micro enterprises of the MSME Development Act 2006, it shall be effective from 11th May 2025 and 11th August 2025 respectively. 

Benefits for BIS certification for Wood Based Boards/Block Boards

  • Conformance to criteria: The Indian government's defined criteria and quality requirements are met by the products specified in the above order that have earned the BIS certification. This ensures that they are trustworthy and safe for end users. This is particularly significant since it is a necessary item that must be of the highest calibre for the public safety. BIS certification is a symbol of quality control that can raise consumer trust in the brand.
  • Protection from Substandard items: Customers are shielded from illicit and subpar items by BIS certification. By ensuring that goods fulfil the safety and quality criteria set forth by the Indian government, it protects customers from possible injury.
  • Assistance in Exporting: The BIS certification helps Indian manufacturers of the wood-based boards to export their goods to a number of foreign nations. This improves India's standing as a trustworthy source of top-notch goods and benefits the economy of the nation.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Manufacturers can better adhere to regulations by obtaining BIS certification. By doing this, fines for noncompliance are avoided, and companies are guaranteed to follow the law and uphold high standards.
  • Cost savings and maximum resource utilisation: Encourages the effective use of resources throughout the manufacturing process. Adherence to BIS guidelines can result in cost savings through more productive production processes.

Process of BIS Registration for Wood Based Boards/Block Boards

  1. Submission of the Application with the needed Documents: An application for a license cannot be submitted until all needed data fields have been completed and the required undertakings and documents have been uploaded. At the time of application submission, the applicant must deposit the application fee, the factory inspection fee, and half of the minimum marking fee.
  2. Factory Inspection: On the day of the factory inspection, the manufacturer should be prepared with the necessary documentation, clarifications, and information. During the factory visit, a thorough technical verification of the documentation will be conducted.
  3. Sample collection and testing: The product sample must be packaged, sealed, and barcoded in the inspecting officer's presence. The barcode must also be photographed and entered into the online system. The sample will be moved to the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), which will display the optimal laboratory choice determined by the system for the sample. After entering the reasons into the system, the inspecting officer has the option to accept it or select a different laboratory.
  4. License Grant: Within seven days of the license being granted, the applicant must deposit the remaining 50% of the minimum marking fee.
  5. Marking the products- After the products are granted licence, they can be marked with ISI mark.

In case of Foreign Manufacturers an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) is to be appointed who can act on their behalf throughout the process. The manufacturer also needs to submit Agreement, Indemnity Bond and Bank Guarantee of 10,000 USD to BIS in the prescribed format given by BIS on their official website.

Why opt for ASC GROUP for BIS Registration for Wood Based Boards/Block Boards?

  • Complicated Process: Registration formalities involve lot of documentation and compliances for which it is best to take the help and advice of an expert professional who has relevant experience in the area.
  • Knowledge You Can Trust: With years of experience in the field, we offer a plethora of knowledge to help you manage the intricacies of BIS laws and make sure your compliance process runs smoothly.
  • Customised Solutions: We are aware that each company is different. Our individualized approach guarantees that our BIS consulting services are customized to satisfy your unique requirements, offering thorough and efficient solutions.
  • Timely and Effective: We respect your time at ASC Group. Our staff is committed to providing prompt and effective BIS registration services in order to reduce complications and increase your peace of mind.
  • Dedication to Quality: We are dedicated to maintaining the greatest levels of excellence and quality in the services we provide. You can rely on us to precisely assist your company toward BIS compliance.

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