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CSR Policy

CSR Policy

UTHAN the Upliftment: Project Saksham (Giving back to the society)

“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

……………………… Chinese Proverb

The above quote defines our aims and objectives in the best way. Education is the basic foundation for building and defining the future of any civilized society. Being professionals, we understand the importance of education in nation-building. However, many times, the lack of financial support poses as one of the biggest impediments in achieving the educational objectives of several students in our country.

Constituted in 2016, UTTHAN is a charitable trust that aims to empower students from different economic backgrounds of our country by being their torchbearers, offering support throughout their journey towards becoming professionally qualified and uplifting their lives. We believe that education and skill development is pertinent for capability building, empowerment, and upliftment of the underprivileged

‘Saksham’ means capability. Volunteers of Project Saksham pledge to create ‘Sakshamta’ or ‘capability’ for the bright and deserving students belonging to the weaker sections of our community. Project Saksham aims at creating awareness regarding certain professional courses, namely CA, CS. The project further intends to handhold the deserving students belonging to modest sections of society through offering support, both monetary (through offering scholarships) and non-monetary avenues (through conducting awareness, counseling and English language improvement and other skill development sessions) for pursuing such professional studies.

Our Mission: To identify brilliant students from underprivileged sections of society, guide them on the choice of professional course to join in the finance stream, supporting them in pursuing the chosen professional studies, handholding them in undertaking industrial and other financial training, and offering allied support till successful completion of their professional studies.

Vision: Creating professionals out of deserving and meritorious students from weaker financial backgrounds.

About the program: Project Saksham is one of the educational projects initiated by UTTHAN trust for creating professional capabilities among young and bright students from weaker economic backgrounds. Through our program, we aim at building a harmonious and empowered society comprising of every individual entitled to equal opportunities. At UTTHAN, we endeavor at conducting an array of educational initiatives namely scholastic campaigns, vocational trainings, and skills-based development programs to achieve our stated objectives. UTTHAN has resolved to take upon itself the task of identifying such bright students, guide them a path to enable them to choose a professional qualification viz CA or CS. In this regard, we shall hold their hands for financial support, provide educational and skill development training, mentor them, take care of their articleship period and finally see them becoming professionals like Chartered Accountants or Company Secretaries.

The broad contours of the program are summarized below:

1. Our volunteers shall visit government-run schools or private Schools with EWS quota and meet the Principal and the teachers;

2. Nearly 50 government higher secondary schools within Delhi/NCR to be approached in order to identify top 100 outstanding students interested in pursuing a career in the financial field

3. We shall identify deserving students on the basis of interactions, interviews, or aptitude tests. Target is to identify upto 100 bright students initially;

4. The chosen student must belong to a financially underprivileged household and background

5. Meritorious students should be studying in 12th standard in a government school

6. With an experienced team of members and professionals, we shall provide counseling to students namely:

  • Career counseling and awareness programs shall be run in the aforesaid government schools guiding students to choose between professional studies namely CA or CS
  • A formal and basic test shall be conducted for identifying the scholastic caliber, intellect, and suitability for the chosen career path
  • Interviews shall be conducted to test the linguistic proficiency and preparedness of the selected students
  • If need be, English language proficiency classes shall be conducted for the selected student candidates
  • Computer skills, Communications, and soft skills, Personality development, Leadership & Managerial abilities, etc.

7. We shall mentor these students crack the various levels of exams along with skill development required for their professions like CA or CS;

8. Team Utthan shall assist these students to get a suitable placement for corporate training as well as their articleship to enable them to earn a stipend for themselves as well;

9. Encourage and assist qualified students to get a job in the industry.

10. An endowment fund to be created. Our students (beneficiaries of our program) who become successful professionals and start earning a monthly income exceeding one lakh shall be encouraged to become contributors to the fund.

11. The contributions so received will be ploughed back to fund the education of the next level of brilliant underprivileged students in government schools.

12. Accordingly, a self-sufficient system of one underprivileged helping the other will be activated for the upliftment of the society.

Major contributors supporting our cause

One of our main contributors to the aforementioned charitable cause if ASC group from Noida. ASC is a vibrant consulting group comprising of nearly 300 reputed professionals including CAs, CSs, Lawyers, Insolvency Professionals, MBAs, semi-qualified accountants, articles, and trainees. UTTHAN trust is ideated by promoters of ASC Group, who have established professionals in the industry and have pledged to give back to the society.

ASC Group has state of the art infrastructure at its Noida office, comprising of 20,000 sq ft office, equipped with IT infrastructure, a throbbing work environment, conference and training rooms, etc. The Group has 6 branches in India (Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurugram, Chennai, Pune) and 2 overseas branches (Singapore & Canada).

Senior Management at ASC Group consists of seasoned professionals who believe in creating value through upliftment of team members and creating leaders out of them

Initially, ASC Group shall fund the trust activities from its own sources. Besides, ASC has a variety of multinational clientele. Various marketing campaigns shall be launched for soliciting the Corporate Social Responsibility (‘CSR’) funding of such multinational corporations. The contributors shall also be entitled for tax benefit under section 80 G. Further, the endowment fund shall gradually start receiving contributions from the beneficiaries, thereby making the project into a self-financed structure.

Check the various initiative taken by ASC for the welfare of society at http://utthantheupliftment.org/. You can also contribute http://utthantheupliftment.org/paynow/