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GST Refund

GST Refund

GST paid is more than the GST liability a situation of claiming GST refund rises. Under GST the procedure of claiming a refund is standardized to evade confusion. The procedure of claiming the GST refund is online and time limits have also been set for the same. 

Essentials of GST Refund:

  • The Refund provision relating to refund in the GST law help to reorganize and standardize the refund processes.
  • Under GST the procedure of claiming a refund is uniform to avoid confusion, so when the GST paid is more than the GST liability a situation of appealing GST refund arises.
  • The refund procedure helps and simplifies the trade through the release of blocked funds for various use such as working capital, expansion, and modernization of existing business.
  • Once it is identified that there is a GST claim for a refund then one has to file for the claim through GST Refund Form RFD-01.
  • The form if possible should be prepared by a certified Chartered Accountant and this GST claim need to be made within 2 years of “relevant date” of the GST refunds application.
  • There are various cases under which a refund can be claimed like tax refund to international tourist, a refund in case of taxes paid by Embassy’s or UN bodies, refund at the finalization of provisional assessment etc.

Refund can be appealed in Goods and Services Tax (GST) in the given Circumstances:

  • Export of Goods or Services comprising Deemed Export.
  • Refund of Unutilized Input Tax Credit.
  • Refund from Manufacturing / Generation/ Production of tax-free supplies.
  • Excess payment due to mistake and inadvertence.
  • Finalization of Provisional Assessment.
  • Refund for Tax payment on transactions by UN bodies, CSD Canteens, Para-military forces canteens, etc.
  • Repayment of pre-deposit in case of Appeal. 

How ASC Helps?

  • Assistance in the calculation, review, and submission of the claim to concerned jurisdiction.
  • Assistance in obtaining clarification from the department wherever possible for the clients.
  • Helping in making responses to departmental queries or audits that may be conducted.
  • Assistance in succeeding follows up with the GST department that may be needed in order to get a refund.
  • Assistance in filing appeals in case the refund is denied or no action taken up by the concerned authority.
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