Legal, Secretarial  & FEMA

Legal, Secretarial & FEMA

Corporate Law Consulting Company-Legal Advisor & Secretarial Services

Our dedicated team of professionals offers a series of key Legal services and also ensures that your organization is complying with necessary rules and corporate secretarial matters. A secretarial Audit offers a broad check on the Legal compliances of the Company under applicable acts including the SEBI Act, Companies Act, Depositors Act, FEMA, Legal Services and other industry-specific laws. Secretarial Compliance Report consists of the SEBI Act, its regulations and circulars issued thereunder.

Corporate Law, Secretarial, FEMA & Legal Services

  • Statutory Registrations under different laws like Income Tax (PAN & TAN), GST, Provident Fund (PF), Employees State Insurance (ESI), Professional Tax (PT), Import-Export Code License (IEC), Shops & Establishment Act, Trademark, etc.
  • Compliances under Companies Act, 2013 & XBRL reporting
  • Compliances under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) include External Commercial Borrowings (ECB), Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), Overseas Direct Investments (ODI), Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), FLA/FLAIR return filing, etc.
  • Drafting of agreements, contracts, MOU, shareholders & joint venture agreements, etc.
  • Closure of Company like winding off, struck off, liquidation and fast track exit mode
  • Advisory on Corporate Law matters
  • Drafting of CSR Policy & Implementation
  • Legal services related to Corporate & Labor matters
  • Arbitration & Dispute Resolution Services
  • Secretarial Compliances
  • Secretarial support services for ongoing compliances under Companies Act, 1956 etc.
  • “RBI/FEMA Compliances
  1. Advisory & Compliances under Foreign Exchange Management Act
  2. FLA/FLAIR return filing
  3. Advisory & Assistance in Obtaining External Commercial Borrowing
  4. Advisory & Compliances for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and overseas Direct Investment (ODI)

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