BIS Registration in Mumbai

BIS Registration in Mumbai

BIS Registration in Mumbai

ASC Group has learned that it is mandatory for you to conform to the quality and Safety standards of your products in India. The BIS is the Indian government agency which is officially responsible for creating and implementing standards for products, which are appropriate to meet the needs of consumers in terms of quality and safety.

BIS registration is compulsory to sell or to manufacture some products in India, which comes under given below categories. BIS Registration in Mumbai can be done through ASC Group's BIS Consultants in Mumbai, who guide you from the testing phase and get your products certified.

BIS Registration in Mumbai

What is BIS Registration?

According to our experts BIS Consultants in Mumbai, BIS Registration is a procedure through which a product gains entry to the Indian market after being certified of its quality and safety based on the standards set by the BIS regulations. The BIS certification requires product testing, documentation, filing application, factory review and assessment to verify that the products conform to the correct performance, quality and safety standards.

Categories of Products Requiring BIS Certification in Mumbai

BIS registration in Mumbai can be required for particular types of products and those products include;

  1. Electronics and IT Goods: Laptop, printer, tablets, led lamps, mobiles, etc.
  2. Automotive Components: Tires used in vehicles, safety glasses, batteries, and many other products.
  3. Machinery and Industrial Equipment: Pump, motors, compressor among others.
  4. Food and Agricultural Products: Some of the important products it covers are dairy products, packed drinking water etc.
  5. Chemicals and Petrochemicals: Rubber, industrial gases, various types of plastic products, and various types of chemical products.
  6. Construction Materials: As in the case of cement, paints, steel, etc.

Benefits of BIS Certification in Mumbai

  1. Original BIS Certificate helps in increasing the confidence among the consumers and the recognition of the products in the Indian market.
  2. BIS Certification in Mumbai is required for many products in order to be legally be sold or produced in India.
  3. The use of BIS standards helps your products attain the standard quality and safety which minimizes the figures of product recall or cases of customer complaints.
  4. The following are major benefits of BIS certification in Mumbai that the companies receive in order to expand international trade and exporting:

Process for BIS Registration in Mumbai

  1. Application filing and Review: If you want to register your company with BIS, ASC Group will gladly help in preparing the application and also provide a solution for the documentation like technical specifications, test reports, manufacturing process etc. Our BIS consultants will carefully study the documents to ensure that they are up to the marks as per BIS norms.
  2. Testing of product Samples: According to the above regulation, for BIS registration, only product samples tested from the approved laboratories of BIS are to be inspected and verified. ASC Group informs you about the testing process and help you get a certificate from the authorized testing laboratory.
  3. Factory Inspection: For some of the notified products, which the BIS department will be involved in, the department might carry out an inspection of the factory in order to assess some aspects regarding the quality control and manufacturing. We will be committed to your inspection request will provide all the necessary assistance with regard to BIS regulations.
  4. Obtaining Certification: After passing the product testing and inspection, The BIS department will issue the BIS Certificate in Mumbai or PAN India if the product successfully matches the Standards. ASC Group will take responsibility on BIS certification in granting process of BIS.
  5. Renewal of Certification: BIS registration is good for an organization for a period ranging between 2 to 5 years. We help you renew it so that it will remain compliant with the Bureau of Industry Standards.

How Our BIS Consultants in Mumbai Will Help You in Obtaining BIS Certification in Mumbai?

  1. Our BIS Consultants in Mumbai will help businesses to know whether their products fall under BIS registration or not.
  2. Helping to compile and submit all vital papers and forms that are necessary for BIS registration in Mumbai.
  3. Aiding companies in the testing and verification of their products so as to meet the requirements of BIS.
  4. The responsibilities are to ensure that the company’s manufacturing, inspection, product quality as well as safety standard is compliant with BIS standards.
  5. Hallmark of the business during the registration process of BIS and working hand in hand with the BIS authorities for the company.
  6. In this process, extending our cooperation to manufacturers/importers of relevant products in terms of BIS registration renewal as per the notification and informing the clients about any modifications made in BIS norms.

It is possible to gain a BIS Certification in Mumbai, which is necessary for the confirmation of the quality and the security of goods in a specific country, which in this case is India. For BIS Registration in Mumbai or anywhere in India, ASC Group has an experienced BIS Consultants in Mumbai that ensures to provide all possible assistance to get it registered easily.

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