BEE Registration in Mumbai

BEE Registration in Mumbai

BEE Registration in Mumbai

The BEE is a statutory body that operates under the Ministry of Power in India and is responsible for the formulation of policies and measures, for the promotion of energy efficiency. BEE Registration in Mumbai helps to keep track of energy saving and deplete the energy intensity of the India economy as laid out under Section 3 of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001. The product of BEE has the capability to display the labels and rating of the energy saving performance that is so useful to the consumers in arriving at their choice.

Manufacturers / Traders / Importers dealing in electronics products must have the BEE Certificate in Mumbai, which is started with sample testing to exist the rate of energy consumption and certification. Some of the certificates specific to its regulation includes the BEE Registration that shows the compliance level of the equipment as per the BEE guidelines that is issued by the Bureau to govern, review the intervals, and enhance the energy efficiency. Section 17 of the BEE states that the company has to register itself under BEE and one of the requirements mentioned in section 13 clause 2(n) of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001 is as follows:

Objectives of the BEE Registration in Mumbai

  • Ensure that the performance of national energy conservation activities is effectively directed and coordinated.
  • In order to have quantified benchmarks that can be used to check the energy efficiency gains, prescribe standards to assess, evaluate, and authenticate energy savings at personal and country level.
  • To operate efficiently in multi-lateral, bilateral and private sector to develop and support programs and projects on efficient energy use and conservation.
  • Ensure that stake holders had formally and effectively co-ordinate policies and programs on the efficient and optimal use, and conservation of energy.
  • Synchronize rules and initiatives in the efficient usage of energy and its saving with the cooperation of interested parties.
  • In an attempt to exhibit what the Energy Conservation Act has forwarded as the channel through which energy efficiency is to be delivered, this mini project will adopt a private partnership with a section of the government.

Eligibility of BEE Certificate Registration in Mumbai

As per BEE application for a license under star labelling program under the BEE the following parties are only entitled to file the same, namely, Manufacturer, Importer or Trader. Below points are the Each Categories scope are described –

Manufacturers – Any manufacturer who is currently in the process of producing finished products will be required to obtain a BEE Certificate if their product falls under a mandatory certificate. Perhaps, the idea of a single login point can be employed where one login is outstanding for one particular category for one brand only.

Importer- Under the BEE labelling scheme any Indian company intending to import any item which falls under the list of products that are mandatory to be registered with BEE, must make sure he takes BEE certificate against the imported products. Just like in any other sector of importation, an individual importer is allowed to register only one brand and one product category under a single login.

Trader- If you are a local trader who wants to purchase the product and sell it in the market and the product falls under BEE prescribed list then ensure that the product is compliant with the BEE recommended standards. In this instance as well, each importer may only register a maximum of one brand and one product category per login.

Government Fees for BEE Certification in MumbaiBee Registration FeesProcess for BEE Registration in Mumbai

  1. Same proceedings to be followed while completing the BEE form along with some documents as required for the registration of the company portal.
  2. The product once go through BEE portal registration will have to undergo a process of testing in a lab under the star labelling standards.
  3. To file the application the various documents which need to be enclosed are the model registration form, testing reports, other docs that is involved.
  4. The examination process begins the moment the file has been submitted in the department.
  5. We also get the BEE approval letter from the BEE officials against the models when we have applied for its verification of docs, which claims to be accurate.

Mandatory and Voluntary Appliances Under BEE Certificate

BEE RegistrationBenefits of BEE CERTIFICATION

  • Standards: Now, introducing energy efficient concepts and ideas requires the compliance to certain standards. Such a type of certification would ensure that such standards are maintained to the allowable standards of the law.
  • Compliance: Sure enough, should the producer or industry get this kind of accreditation, they are bound to adhere to the law. Besides, it would ensure that the manufacturer complies with the Energy Act of 2001 that was established in the United Kingdom.
  • Reputation: This certification would help guarantee that the manufacturer or industry is compliant with the regulations for its business type.
  • Efficiency: This certification affords an assurance that the specific amounts or amounts of certain efficiency in the production line of the manufacturers or industries are achieved. This would help facilitate the principles of the Energy Act of 2001 regarding energy efficiency as provided by Table

Documents Required for BEE Certification in Mumbai

  • Shareholding details.
  • In case of company not being more than five years old or turnover less than Rs. 5 million in a year then proof of the same.
  • Verification fees payment proof
  • Shareholder’s Identity proof
  • Registration documents
  • It goes without saying that for the fresh applications such as Confirm, Linked In, etc., you are welcome to send the following cover letter:
  • Trademark Certificate
  • Quality Assurance Certificate for Quality Management System C: (Wherein, all the units shall then be ISO enclosed in multiple units to all of them)
  • The types of licenses available include the license of Small-Scale Industries (SSI).
  • Legal office memo to legal files with signatory in name and by authority
  • BIS license with a date that reflects the validity of the license and an endorsement letter which contains all the applied models.

How does ASC Help You in Getting BEE Registration in Mumbai?

  • ASC has professional consultants’ team who is always ready to assist you right from the process of procuring the BEE Registration.
  • Therefore, you do not have to worry when engaging ASC for your BEE Registration in Mumbai, since we will help you get the accreditation within the shortest time possible.
  • In this process all important documents are collected and properly submitted for new BEE registration.
  • The important factor is that through sample testing, the overall rate of energy consumption can be ascertained using the ASC.
  • It is important to let you know when the renewal process is due and make sure the renewal application is promptly submitted.
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