Contractual Staff Resource

Contractual Staff Resource

Contractual Employee & Temporary Staff Outsourcing Service Company

Contractual staff Outsourcing can help the organization to manage the business in an efficient and effective manner wherein focusing on the strategic issues. As every organization has different departments, thus recruitment and hiring process becomes long and cumbersome which may also affect the organization. As per the government rules, there can be limitations on the number of employees a company can have on their payroll which can add as a limitation to the organization

Role of Outsourcing Contractual Staff Services:

  1. Assistance to Higher Management
  • Management can focus on strategic issues rather than worrying about labor/regulatory compliances for manpower.
  • Reliability is shifted on to consultancy to avoid any issues regarding workforce.
  1. Dual Workforce
  • Contractual employees can act as parallel workforce for any organization which can act as a strong support for the company.
  • Contractual staff can also be a good option where the organization has multiple offices spread out in various locations, thus a consultancy can act as a strong pillar for the organization which can understand the needs of the company and can provide resources accordingly.
  1. Cost Effective
  • Attrition rates can be a concern for the companies, and thus outsourcing the contractual staff can act as a cost effective method to enroll employees to work for the organization.
  • Companies having in house recruitment /HR department can be useful but on the other hand, complexities relating to entry and exit of employees, managing the labor compliances and other government rules and regulations can affect the overall productivity as well.
  1. Reduced Organization Cost
  • Foreign Companies who may be having a problem of opening a subsidiary in India can outsource the manpower in order to penetrate in the market and thus reducing the cost of the Organization.
  • Overall cost reduction of overheads on the recruitment and HR processes as HR department and staffing itself involves a huge cost.
  1. Productivity Oriented
  • Outsourcing of employees can also improve the productivity of the Organization as ASC manages the work force by taking care of all the legal and regulatory compliances and manages the employee cycle from entry to exit
  • By outsourcing of contractual staff the parent organization can employ diverse kinds of employees.
  1. Availability of Skilled and Unskilled Labor
  • With outsourcing of contractual staff, employees can also be hired on project basis depending on the technicality of the project taken by the Company.
  • As the primary business of the companies involved in Outsourcing of contractual staff, is providing manpower, thus they can provide a comparatively better manpower irrespective to any professional/technical requirements. 

How ASC Helps?

  • Assistance in GST/ Taxation compliances
  • Payments made on behalf of clients if audits fall.
  • Advisory on Finance/GST/Legal/Audit/HR related matters.
  • Payments are completed seamlessly with simultaneous intimation of payment advices.
  • Handling issues related to vendors or their payments
  • Setting up hundreds of vendors for saving cost & effort.

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