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HR & Payroll management

HR & Payroll management

Human Resource is the core of an organization managing a business from recruiting to pay the salaries of the employees. When a business focuses to go beyond the approach of just giving out paychecks to your employees, ASC’s payroll services can bring about new industry visions and aid you in putting emphasis on what you do the best ruin away to carry out business smoothly. Payroll management services let you take your human resources management to a higher level.

ASC is one of the top payroll providers in India, we know it is challenging for a business to make sure error-free payroll management activities. With HR, Payroll management services your business can enjoy a payroll process that is well-timed and precise. As a dependable payroll outsourcing company, we provide a better and more proficient payroll management procedure for your business 


  • Fast turnaround.
  • Aid throughout the complete life-cycle of the worker, right from the day of employment to exist.
  • Restructuring of all payroll procedures.
  • Less investment in IT infrastructure.
  • Well-thought-out resource placement.
  • Strict devotion to compliance and statutory needs.
  • Error-free documentation, records, and reports.
  • Solid business intellect that assists top management with their strategic initiatives.
  • Low-risk of disadvantages due to non-compliance.
  • Quick and effective resolution of all employee matters.

Tailor-made solution for different sized companies:

  • Managing payroll entirely within your business can be a headache because of strict penalties for non-compliance to statutory needs, and other issues that are not direct.
  • It may seem easy from the outside, but many businesses that do their own payroll processing eventually determines that it may not be all that cheap and simple.
  • For many businesses, payroll outsourcing provides an attractive alternative to in-house processing.
  • It can offer a simpler, reasonable way of paying employees, filing taxes, and execution of other activities associated with HR & payroll management.
  • We provide inventive and entirely tailored solutions to all businesses irrespective of their size and the domain that they are in.
  • Our payroll resolutions will directly address all the needs of payroll management.
  • We aid company’s recover their competitive gain with the support of customized solutions built on the foundation of vast domain experience, qualified professionals, and advanced technology.
  • This permits us to provide our clients with the confidence to meet all their commercial challenges.

How ASC Helps?

  • Providing Employee Self Service (ESS) that is online technology for employees to generate salary slip, submit IT declaration, decide FBP, and submit queries.
  • Providing Online Access to View/Print Salary Slip.
  • Tracking Automated Attendance, Leave Import/Export Solution.
  • Assist with Web-based Leave Solution.
  • Providing Reimbursement Management.
  • Replacing Excel to Web-based Processing of Payroll, Reimbursement, F&F, Issuance of Reports, Issuance of E-challan.
  • Providing Effective payroll administration that can be a catalyst for this transformation.
  • Providing payroll management solution.
  • Recruiting the employees as per the requirements of the organization.
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