NOC for Steel Importers

NOC for Steel Importers

NOC for Steel Importers | No Objection Certificate for Steel Import

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a certificate that is mandatory for steel products that have different specifications. If the product is under voluntary certification, the Ministry of Steel issues exemption or NOC for Steel on the consignment coming to India.

As there are some steel product which comes under Compulsory certification of BIS but having different specification as compare to the Indian Standard of the particular product. The applicant requires the NOC for steel (No objection certificate)/ Clarification from Ministry of steel to avoid any delays and penalties.

Objective of NOC for Steel Certification

Steel products is one of the major products imported to India on a large scale. Due to heavy imports, there are high chances of product dumping. Therefore, as per the BIS Guidelines, most of the steel product are already under the compulsory certification of BIS Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI Mark). 

Some of the steel product are still under Voluntary certification (Exempted from Compulsory Certification of BIS). These require a NOC for steel importers (No Objection Certificate) from Ministry of Steel for import and custom clearance 

Types of Request for Clarification under Ministry of Steel

Ministry of Steel has constituted a Technical Committee for inspection and analysis of the applications received for issuance of Registration, whether the products are covered under  the  purview  of  the  Steel  and  Steel  Products  (Quality  Control)  Order,  2020  notified on 22nd December, 2020. NOC will be granted by MOS on per grade per consignment basis.

Type of Request and required documents as listed below: -

  1. Clarification in Advance (Before ordering the material/goods)
  2. Clarification for material is in transit
  3. Clarification for material reaches the Port of destination

Clarification in Advance

For applications seeking “Clarification in Advance” 

The following documents requires for submission of application under Ministry of steel: -

  • A valid Copy of the Mill Test Certificates (MTC) indicating Certificate/Heat number
  • Description Copy of International Standards & Company Specifications
  • Product Photograph
  • IEC Certificate of Importer
  • Company Pan Card
  • Covering letter

Clarification for material is in transit

For applications in which the “material is in transit”, legible copy of all relevant documents viz. Invoice, Bill of lading, Actual Mill Test Certificates etc.  must be submitted.

Clarification for material reaches the Port of destination

In case the material reaches the port of destination, in addition to the above documents, a Bill of Entry is also required to be submitted.  In recurrence cases, a copy of the earlier clarifications (Previous NOC) from the Ministry of Steel must be submitted along with the application.

The covering letter of the application should also include the following consignment wise information listed below: -

S No







ITC HS code



Description of the Item









Invoice no.



Mill test certificate



Packing list, no



Insurance no



Bill of Lading



Bill of Entry (If material is in port)



Process for getting the NOC for Steel Importer from the Ministry

  1. Documentation and scrutiny of documents as provided by client 
  2. Creation of Login Credentials on Ministry of Steel Portal 
  3. Application submission along with the documents to Technical Committee
  4. Liaising and presentation of the application to the department to get the NOC from Ministry of steel
  5. Grant of NOC Certificate for importers from Ministry of Steel 

The applicant may apply to the higher committee (Empowered Committee), if the case decision received from the technical committee is not in favour.

For application to Empowered Committee, the application should include the following information 

Application for NOC - Ref to information / documents given + Technical Justification Letter + Regret letters


  • The NOC is valid for One-time exemption only
  • The Decision taken by the committee shall be final 

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We received BIS NOC from Ministry of steel for multiple test certificates, but in that NOC as per the system only one TC date mentioned. SO that the customs rejected our NOC, customs demanding to mention all the TC date in NOC. But our consultant telling it is not possible to mention all the TC date we can mention only one TC date in NOC. Which is correct please can you give clarification on that

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