Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  1. This document is an e-record of the Information Technology Act, 2000. The rules are applicable under the amended act provisions related to e-records as amended in the Act. The e-record is computer-generated code and does not necessitate any digital and physical signatures.
  2. This document is issued in agreement with the provisions of Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology Rules, 2011 that makes publishing of the rules and regulations, terms and condition, and privacy policy to access
  3. The domain name, is owned and operated entirely by ASC Group and is registered under Company Act that includes its respective representatives, directors, CEO, administrators, agents, employees, managers, officers, as and when assigned.
  4. Privacy Policy context so requires are;
  5. The terms ‘We’, ‘Us’& ‘Our’ shall mean the Company and/or Website.
  6. The term ‘You’ &‘User’ shall mean any legal entity or person using our services mentioned on this website. They are capable of entering binding contracts about the Indian Contract Act, 1872 provisions;
  7. Each section heading of the policy is only for organizing provisions under the policy in a systematic manner, and shall not be used by any Party to understand the provisions mentioned herein in any manner. Moreover, it is precisely agreed to by the Parties that the headings shall have no contractual or legal value.
  8. The Website use by the User is entirely governed by this Policy and the Terms of Use of the Website and any amendment/modifications made thereto by the Company is at its sole discretion. The User deliberately agrees and admits that the Terms of use and Company Policy are co-terminus, and the expiry/termination of any of these will lead to the expiry of the other.
  9. The User unambiguously approves that this Policy and the aforesaid Terms and condition organize a legally obligatory agreement between the Company and User and that the User shall be accountable to the rules, policies, guidelines, conditions, terms, and applicable to any service provided by us. The User agrees and acknowledges that no signature or direct act is required on Terms and the Policy requisite on the User and that the User’s visit the website with full and final acceptance of the Policy and the aforesaid Terms.
  10. The Parties deliberately agree that the Company holds the sole and special right to amend or change the terms of use and Policy without any prior notice/ permission/indication to the User, and the User deliberately agrees that any such modifications or amendments come into effect immediately. The User must occasionally check the terms and Policies and stay updated on their requirements and provisions. In so far as the User complies with the Policy and Terms, he/she is granted a personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable, limited freedom to enter, access, and use the Website.
    1. The User deliberately agrees and accepts that the Company assembles and saves the User’s details provided by the User on the Website, including User’s name, email address, name, age, location, sex, nationality, preferences, browsing history, etc. The User is informed that the information will be solely used by the Company to business-related services and features only to the targeted User to meet the User’s needs, and make users experience safer customized and easier.
    2. The User is conscious that the Company may track certain details about the User-based upon the User’s User’s behavior and IP address on the Website, and the User deliberately has given consents for tracking. The User is also conscious that the information is mostly tracked for conducting internal research on user behavior, demographics, and interests, to offer a better understanding of the services.
    3. The user is given consents to allow choosing services given in the Company website and the website can collect information to a user search, purchase, and behavior.
    4. If the User chooses to post comments/messages/feedback/reviews anywhere on the Company Website. The User is conscious that such information provided/uploaded will be stored by the Company, and that such retained information may be used to resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, provide customer support, etc. Such information may be offered to governmental or judicial authorities of requisite jurisdiction, or otherwise used by the Company/Website as acceptable by applicable laws.
    5. The User is conscious that all information relating to the User stored by the Company such as emails or letters, feedback provided by the user may be collected and abide by the Website into file/folder specifically created for / the User hereby / allotted to the User, and deliberately consents to the same.
    6. The User is conscious that while he/she can access some sections of the Website without even being a registered user, certain activities require the User to provide valid personal information for registration.
    7. The User is also conscious that the Website may request the User occasionally to complete optional online surveys. These surveys require demographic and contact information. The User is aware of the survey and contact data to is used to modify or enhance the Website for the benefit of the User and also to show content based on the User’s preferences.
    8. Nothing confined herein shall be supposed to force the Website to store, publish, upload, or display in any manner content/ surveys/reviews/feedback submitted by the User, and the User hereby deliberately authorizes the Website to eradicate from the Website such as content, review, survey, or feedback succumbed by the User, without cause or being obligatory to notify the User of the same.
    9. COOKIES
    10. The User is conscious that ‘Cookie’ is a small part of the information collected/ stored by a web server on a browser to be able to traced later as cookies are beneficial for enabling the browser to recall specific details to a certain user, including but not limited to a User’s login ID, password, etc.
    11. The User is conscious that the Website uses data collection devices such as cookies on certain pages of the Website to help analyze web page flow, measure promotional effectiveness, and promote trust and safety, and that certain features of the Website are only available through the use of such cookies. While the User is free to decline the Website’s cookies if the User’s browser permits, the User may consequently be unable to use certain features on the Website
    12. Additionally, the User is aware that he/she might encounter ‘cookies’ or other similar devices on certain pages of the Website that are placed by third parties or affiliates of the Company/Website. The User deliberately agrees and accepts that the Company/Website does not govern the use of such cookies/other devices by 3rd parties, that the Website is in no way accountable for the same, and that the User undertakes all risks in this regard.
    14. The User is aware that the Website may share the User’s details with other corporate objects and associates to help identify and stop identity theft, fraud, and other potentially illegal acts; correlate related or multiple accounts to prevent abuse of the Website’s services; and to facilitate joint or co-branded services, where such services are provided by more than one corporate entity.
    15. The User is aware that the Website/Company may disclose personal information if required to do so by law or if the Website in good belief believes that such disclosure is rationally necessary to respond to court orders, subpoenas, and other legal processes. The Website may also disclose the User’s personal information to law enforcement offices, 3rd party rights owners if it considers that such revelation is reasonably necessary to enforce the Terms or Policy; respond to claims that an advertisement, posting or other content disrupts the rights of a 3rd party; property or personal safety and protect the rights of its users or the general public.
    16. The User is conscious that the Website and its associates may share some of the User’s personal information with other business bodies should the Company/Website (or its assets) plan to merge with, or be acquired by such business entity, or in the event of re- amalgamation, organization, or restructuring of the Company’s business. Such business or entity will continue to be assured to be the Terms and Policy.
    17. Security Transactions on the Website are secure and protected. Any information entered by the User when transacting on the Website is encrypted to protect the User against unintentional disclosure to third parties. The User’s credit and debit card information is not received, stored by or retained by the Company / Website in any manner. This information is supplied by the User directly to the relevant payment gateway which is authorized to handle the information provided and is compliant with the regulations and requirements of various banks and institutions and payment franchisees that it is associated with.

The User is aware that the Company/Website uses third-party advertising companies to serve ads to the users of the Website. The User is aware that these companies may use information relating to the User’s visits to the Website and other websites to provide modified advertisements to the User. Moreover, the Website may comprise links to other websites that may collect personally identifiable information about the User. The Website is not accountable for the privacy practices of any of the aforesaid linked websites, and the User deliberately accepted and agrees that all risks related will be borne totally by the User.


By using the Website offered information to the Company through the Website, the User agreements to the collection and use of the information disclosed by the User on the Website under this Policy, including but not limited to the User’s consent the Company/Website sharing/divulging the User’s information, as per the terms contained hereinabove in Section 4 of the Policy.


Under the Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules made thereunder, the name and contact details of the Grievance Officer are provided below:


It is deliberately agreed to by the Parties hereto that the formation, explanation, and performance of this Policy and any arguments arising here from will be fixed through a two-step Alternate Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) mechanism. It is moreover agreed to by the Parties that the Section content shall survive even after the expiry and termination of the Policy and/or Terms.

  1. Mediation: In case of any argument between the parties, the Parties will endeavor to resolve the same amicably amongst themselves, to the mutual approval of both Parties. If the Parties are incapable to reach such an agreeable solution within (30) days of 1 Party communicating the survival of an argument to the other Party, the dispute will be resolute by arbitration.
  2. Arbitration: The Parties are unable to agreeably resolution an argument by mediation, the argument will be mentioned to arbitration by a sole authority to be appointed by the Company, and the award passed by such sole arbitrator will be valid and binding on both Parties. The Parties shall accept their costs for the proceedings, while the sole intermediary may, in his/her sole discretion, direct either Party to tolerate the entire cost of the proceedings.

The Parties deliberately agree that the Terms, condition, Policy and any other agreements entered into between the Parties are ruled by the rules, laws, and regulations of India, and that the Courts shall have special jurisdiction over any disputes arising between the Parties.