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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping refer to maintaining and recording transactions of buying and selling goods and services in an accounting system commonly including copies of invoices and other documents. Proper records of the financial transactions not only assist the companies to identify the companies’ financial position but also allows them to compare the performance over the year and the results achieved. Quite often, accounting and book-keeping can be a daunting task for companies considering the nature of their operations and the availability of resources. This is why companies outsource this function to experts who not only maintain the records on behalf of the companies but also provide the companies with valuable analysis of their transactions which may help companies to achieve greater efficiencies. 

Outsourcing of accounting and bookkeeping function to experts has the following advantages:

  • Eliminate the time and cost of hiring in-house
  • Saving in cost without reducing the quality of work the firm who offers such services has expert professionals with enough experience 
  • Data security
  • Timely availability of report required for making informed decisions
  • Tailor-made solutions as per the need of the business
  • With the professionals taking care of the accounting function, time, and resources can be utilized in other functions.

How ASC Helps!

We, at ASC, have expert professionals who have years of experience in maintaining the financial records of companies. Keeping in view the business requirements, we customize our services which primarily include the following:

  1. Identification of the records to be maintained considering the status of person e.g. company or individual and any other regulatory laws;
  2. Identification of the medium for sharing the data in order to maintain data security;
  3. Recording of transactions in the accounting system monthly or fortnightly as per the requirement of the business;
  4. Ensure timely compliances of TDS/WHT or ESI or EPF under various regulatory laws;
  5. Generation of strategic reports as per the requirement of the business enabling businessmen in taking an informed decision.
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