GST Training and Workshops

GST Training and Workshops

GST training and Workshops enable you to have an understanding of the GST, enhance skills in a structured and practical oriented manner, Gain working knowledge and application of the same in routine compliances and Use such skills to take managerial decisions.

  • The Goods and Services Tax (GST) becomes a certainty in India from July and industries are struggling to get on with the destination-based tax structure from an origin-based tax structure. Currently, the main concerns among the companies are lack of clarity on GST laws, increased compliances, lack of skilled resources, and the need for re-skilling.
  • GST India Expert includes an industry-specific and easy-to-recognize training program on Goods and Service Tax exclusively for the company. The purpose behind this training program is to aid your industry, align with the new GST regime.
  • Due to the frequent changes and amendments under GST law, complexities and various features present on the GST portal it is very much important to conduct awareness regarding it through various seminars, training and workshops for multiple users.

The features of this GST Training program include:

  • Industry-specific and customized training modules.
  • Training conducted by skilled Chartered Accountants & industry experts.
  • Able to manage corporate training needs in a short span of time.
  • Both Onsite and Offsite training workshops.
  • Devoted Training Account Managers to meet your needs.

GST Training & Workshops includes:

1. Overview of GST Legislation

  • Understanding the Concept of supply
  • Eligibility of goods and services
  • Special emphasis on transactions such as Mixed Supply vs. Composite Supply etc.

2.  Registration under GST

  • Composition scheme
  • Non-Resident Taxable Person
  • Casual Taxable Person

3. Time and Place of supply

  • Movement of goods, no movement of goods
  • Bill to Ship to Model
  • Nature of Service and corresponding Place of supply
  • Import / Export of goods and services etc.

4. Valuation

Discussion on valuation provisions and issues on valuation under GST comprising free of cost supplies, barter/exchange, vouchers, transactions between related parties.

5.  Input tax credit (ITC) 

Discussion on the eligibility of ITC i.e. availability of credit, utilization of same against output liability, restricted items
Reversal of credit, order of utilization, etc.

6. GST Audit and Annual return

  • Process of inspection of records, returns, and other documents maintained by a taxable person.
  • Discussion on audit approach to be followed under GST
  • Practical challenges in Audit and Annual return

7. Compliances under GST

  • Returns to be filed under GST
  • Documents to be issued Such as Tax invoice
  • E-way bill, Delivery challan etc.

8. GST Refund

Discussion on refund claims available under the GST legislation along with the relevant procedure and documentation requirements for filing refund claims

9. Anti-Profiteering, Advance Ruling, and Recent GST Developments

Discussion on recent changes including discussion on the revised GST return design and process, important advance rulings etc.

10. Litigation Procedure

Assistance in GST laws and GST-related proceedings.

How ASC helps?

  • Appropriate training and workshops for vendors.
  • Sector-specific training sessions from industry experts.
  • Conduct management/personal training for enhanced understanding of GST provisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the GST training program important?

GST training program is important to have a deepened understanding of the GST law, rules and how it is changing. The government is constantly bringing changes to the GST law to curb malpractices and make it more friendly for taxpayers. Thus, it is important to stay updated with the latest GST regulations in order to avoid any irregularity while doing business.

What is covered under the GST training program?

GST training program covers customised and industry-specific modules. The training is provided by industry experts and Chartered Accountants well versed with the GST law. The training workshops are available both in online and offline mode. Many corporates and organisations prefer GST workshops for upskilling and training their staff.

What are the objectives of GST workshop?

The objectives of GST workshop and training for companies can be summarized as follows:

  1. To understand the GST regime and its implications for businesses.
  2. To comply with GST regulations and avoid penalties.
  3. To implement GST in the company's existing systems and processes.
  4. To identify ways to save costs and optimize tax liabilities.
  5. To create awareness among businesses about GST.
What is covered under the GST training workshops?

GST workshop covers all the key GST concepts in detail. This includes a comprehensive overview of the GST legislation, registration, time and place of supply, input tax credits, valuation, refund etc. It is a comprehensive program to make you GST-ready for your business.

Is GST training workshop available for specific industries?

Yes. GST training workshops are available for specific industries as well. This helps understand the nuances of GST law specific to your relevant industry.

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