How to lodge a complaint on Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) Portal

How to lodge a complaint on Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) Portal

How to Lodge a Complaint on Central Pollution Control Board Portal?

If you are an applicant in the for registration with Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), it might happen that you face certain issues during the registration process. The CPCB allows you to file a complaint with CPCB to resolve your issues. Here’s how the CPCB complaint mechanism works:

  • You need to lodge the complaint online
  • A ticket is generated
  • Respective department will get notified of the complaint
  • The department will take the necessary action and resolve the issue
  • The ticket will be closed

But how to file a CPCB complaint online? Let’s find out!

Steps to File Complaint with Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)

To file a complaint with Central Pollution Control Board, follow the below steps:

1. Register as Complainant

  • If you are a first-time complainant, you need to register as complainant. Navigate to the following website:
  • Click on ‘First Time Complainant?’. In case you are already registered as complainant, click on ‘Login as Complainant’ button.
  • Enter the name of your company
  • Select your role, whether you are a producer, importer, brand owner etc.
  • Enter your EPR Registration Number
  • Enter your full name
  • Enter your registered email ID and contact number
  • Set the password and confirm your password.
  • Click on ‘Create Complainant’

2. File the Complaint

a. Login as the complainant

b. Enter your Email ID and PDF of the issues you are facing

c. Select the portal where you wish to register your complaint. This includes EPR Plastic, E-Waste Management, EPR Battery and EPR – Management of Waste Tyre

d. Select the issues that you are facing. Here’s how the issues have been categorised:



Sign Up Issues

  • PAN not accepted
  • CIN not accepted
  • Documents uploading error
  • Others

Login issues

  • OTP not received on SMS
  • OTP not received on email
  • Error: “Error while logging in”
  • Error: “Not a PIBO user”
  • Others

Registration Issues

  • Legal Name/Trade Name not matching
  • GST not accepted.
  • Document uploading error (problem with extension)/Error: “document you uploaded is not a valid PDF”
  • Consent cannot be fetched
  • Consent fetching incorrect details
  • Data mismatch error message
  • Incorrect dropdown in procurement/sales section
  • Not able to submit procurement/sales details
  • Error in Part A | B | C | D
  • Incorrect EPR Target visible
  • Payment error/ Multiple payments
  • Others

Post Registration Issues

  • Seeking amendment in application (Change in Address, or Email, or Data etc.)
  • Delay in processing application
  • Application rejected without giving reason/remarks
  • Unable to edit rejected application for further resubmission
  • Want to edit approved application
  • Want to surrender approved application
  • AR filing payment error
  • Certificate validity expired
  • Can’t find option to apply for renewal
  • Certificate No. not visible in generated registration certificate
  • Others

PIBO Operations Issues

  • BOT (Bulk Upload Tool) crashing
  • BOT made multiple entries
  • Wallet section not visible in application
  • Dashboard showing incorrect target/registration year
  • Others

PWP Operations Issues

  • Error in production section: 'Total Quantity of Product Produced in Production Details is more than the Product Capacity specified in application Available Qty'
  • Incorrect Conversion Factor
  • Edit Procurement/Production/Sales details
  • Production data not reflected in sales inventory
  • Others

Certificate Generation Issues

  • Particular Denomination not available
  • Certificate transfer failed
  • Certificate Generation Potential not visible in wallet
  • Others

Annual Report Issues

  • Incorrect EPR Target in AR for current FY
  • Incorrect EPR Target in AR for upcoming FY
  • Error uploading sales/export details during AR filing
  • Add to AR option not working
  • Offset option not working
  • Submitted AR before adding credits to AR
  • EC still visible even after filing AR
  • Want to Edit submitted AR
  • Others


  • Others


e. Enter a detailed description of the issue you are facing in the box below.

f. Check the details and click on ‘Generate Ticket’ button.

g. Your ticket will get generated and get notified to the concerned department. The department will resolve your issue and close your ticket thereafter. For more such useful information and assistance, contact ASC Group.

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