Producers Under Plastic Waste Management Rules: Registration and Compliances

Producers Under Plastic Waste Management Rules: Registration and Compliances

EPR Compliance for producer under plastic waste management rules

In order to curb plastic pollution and encourage proper management of plastic waste, the government placed Plastic Waste Management Rules. Based on the polluter pays principle, it places responsibilities on the Producers, Importers and Brand Owners (PIBOs) for proper management and disposal of plastic waste. However, it is important to know the obligations, responsibilities and registration requirements in order to avoid any legal hassle. Let’s discuss the producer responsibilities under plastic waste management rules. Before that, we need to understand who are producers under plastic waste management rules.

Producers Under Plastic Waste Management Rules

Producers are being defined under the plastic waste management rules as persons engaged in the manufacture or import of carry bags or multilayered packaging or plastic sheets or like, and includes industries or individuals using plastic sheets or like or covers made of plastic sheets or multilayered packaging for packaging or wrapping the commodity.

Responsibilities of Producers Under Plastic Waste Management Rules

Following are some of the responsibilities and compliances for producers under plastic waste management rules:

  • The producers are required to work out on modalities for the waste collection system. The system should be based on Extended Producer Responsibility.
  • The primary responsibility for collecting the used multi-layered plastic packaging, pouches or sachets should be of producers who introduce such products into the market. They shall establish a system for collecting such plastic waste. 
  • Producers are required to maintain the records of details of the persons engaged in the supply of plastic that is used as raw material for manufacturing plastic sheets or carry bags or like or the covers made of multilayered packaging or plastic sheets. 
  • The producers shall apply for producer EPR registration by filing an application in Form 1 to the following appropriate authorities:
  1. The State Pollution Control Board or Pollution Control Committee if the producer is operating in one or two states or Union Territories;
  2. Central Pollution Control Board if the producer is operating in more than two states or Union Territories.
  • Producers, either on their own or through Producer Responsibility Organisations (PROs), are required to ensure that an equivalent amount of plastic is being processed or collected.
  • Producers can obtain certificates from accredited processors against providing evidence of recovery or recycling. It shall act as sufficient EPR compliance for producers.
  • Producers shall have the liberty to engage individually or collectively with the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), processors and informal sectors.

In a Nutshell

The producers shall ensure that they adhere to the above EPR registration and compliance requirements under the Plastic Waste Management Rules. It not only ensures compliance with the statutory requirements but also helps adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices. In case you need any assistance in relation to producers’ responsibilities under Plastic Waste Management Rules, feel free to contact the ASC Group.


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