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Manner of Replacement of MEIS with RoDTEP

Manner of Replacement of MEIS with RoDTEP

Ministry of Commerce vide Trade Notice No. 03/2020-21 dated 15th April 2020 has come up with the clarification and the specification as to how the MEIS scheme would be replaced with RoDTEP. Following has been the pointers given in the said trade notice:-

  • Even though the entire foreign trade policy has been extended by 1 year upto 31.03.2021 but the MEIS scheme would continue its existence only till 31.12.2020;
  • In calendar year 2020, RoDTEP scheme will be gradually applied to various HS Codes and for those HS Codes MEIS scheme will be phase out from the effective dates of such notifications;
  • It is understood that the department is yet to roll out the detailed operational framework for the RoDTEP scheme, therefore it shall also be notified separately by the department.

From the above it is understood that the routine filings for MEIS shall continue till 31.12.2020 untill  the RoDTEP is initiated for the said HS code along with the launch of the operational frameworks as to how the benefit would be passed on to the exporters.


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