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GSTN Portal enables facility of filing GSTR-4 Annual Return for Composition Taxpayers

GSTN Portal enables facility of filing GSTR-4 Annual Return for Composition Taxpayers

The Goods & Services Tax Network (GSTN) Portal has now enabled facility of filing GSTR-4 Annual Return by Composition Taxpayers.

What is GSTR-4 (Annual Return)? GSTR-4 is an Annual Return which is required to be filed by Taxpayers who have opted for Composition Scheme. Such Taxpayers are required to file Annual Return under form GSTR-4 from FY: 2019-20.

How is it different from GSTR-4 Quarterly Return? Form GSTR-4 Quarterly Return was applicable up to the Tax Period ending on 31st March 2019, for composition taxpayers. Earlier, For Tax Periods up to 31st March 2019, Composition Taxpayers were required to file Form GSTR-4 Quarterly Return. From 1st April 2019, Composition Taxpayers are now required to file Form CMP-08 on a quarterly basis,

Due Date of Filing GSTR-4 (Annual Return) The Due Date for Filing of GSTR-4 Annual Return is 30th April 2020 as prescribed by CBIC vide Notification No.21/2019-CT dated 23rd April 20. However, CBIC had not enabled the facility to file GSTR-4 on GST Portal. Therefore, CBIC has extended the due date to file GSTR-4 to 31st August 2020 for FY: 2019-20 vide Notification No.59/2020-CT dated 13th July 2020.

Steps to File GSTR-4 Annual Return Logon to GST Portal with Login Credentials, Click on Service>Returns>Annual Return>Select "FY">Search>GSTR-4>File the Annual Return.

Is it Mandatory to File Form GSTR-4 (Annual Return)? Yes, it is mandatory for all composition taxpayers to file Form GSTR-4 (Annual Return).

Can a Taxpayer file "Nil" GSTR-4 "Annual Return"? Nil Form GSTR-4 (Annual Return) can be filed for the Financial year if a Taxpayer has: - i) Not made any outward supply. ii) Not received any goods/services. iii) Have No other liability to report. iv) Have filed all Form CMP-08 as "Nil". v) There is no late fee to be paid for Form GSTR-

4. Notable Things: i) Form GSTR 4 can be filed only if, all applicable quarterly statements in Form CMP 08 of that financial year, have been filed. ii) Form GSTR-4 Annual Return, once filed, can’t be revised. iii) After successfully filing, ARN will be generated and intimated through email and SMS Currently, only the online filing has been enabled on the portal. Shortly, an offline tool to file Form GSTR-4 Annual Return will also be made available. 

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