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GST Update on E-way bill Generation for the Movement of Gold

GST Update on E-way bill Generation for the Movement of Gold

The National Informatics Centre("NIC") has issued an Update on the E-way bill generation for the movement of Gold.

As per the Government's approval, E-way bill generation has been provisioned for the movement of Gold (HSN Chapter 71) for all Intrastate and Interstate shipping. The inhabitant of the state may generate the E-way bill for Gold as per the notification issued by their respective states. The E-way bill for Gold has same restrictions as that of a normal E-way bill  omit that such E-way bill not be updated with Part-B details. E-way bill for Gold's rationality is calculate based on pin to pin distance of root and landing place.

As per the government for generating E-way bill for Gold it is mandatory for all the items belong to the HSN chapter 71 only. If and only items inclusion to other HSN chapters besides HSN chapter 71 exist, then it may be treated as a normal E-way bill.

There are small changes in functionalities with respect to E-way bill for Gold in this way:

  1. No Part-B details can be updated
  2. Transporter update is not allowed
  3. A Consolidated E-way bill cannot be generated
  4. Extension of E-way bill is allowed without updating Part-B details
  5. The multivehicle facility is not allowed 

However, there is no modification in the cancellation and rejection of the E-way bill. For any clarification/queries related to E-way bill, GST, feel free to contact the GST consultant at ASC Group.


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