Essentials of M&A Advisory Service in India

Essentials of M&A Advisory Service in India

Essentials of M&A Advisory Service in India

M&A Advisory Service in India  - Merger advisory is a panel of specialists to set up an articulated plan and an M&A strategy that strengthens that plan. After the analysis of the businesses’ financials and embracing an organization’s purposes, to deliver a set of cost-effective choices which also pave the approach for long term lucrative growth.

What is Acquisitions:

Acquisitions have become a vital and important part of the corporate plan and will gain more importance as competition strengthens and businesses move up the growth curve. The best acquirers examine targets with a nose for what is significant, classifying the key sources of ongoing worth and sniffing out any odds. With more than two decades of experience helping companies develop time-tested plans, we, as a part of our client’s team, classify the kinds of deals that create worth. 

Essentials of M&A Advisory Services:

  1. Strategy

Once the objective is recognized, we aid businesses decide acquisition vehicle, structure, mode of contemplation and financing options. Be it an amalgamation of group businesses for streamlining the corporate structure, growing the capital base, increasing additional debt or changing the shareholding pattern of the promoters our multi-disciplinary team provides you crisp accuracy in achieving your strategic objects.

  1. Due Diligence

Offering Due Diligence under Mergers and Acquisition through:

  • Financial Due-Diligence
  • Commercial Due-Diligence
  • Tax Due-Diligence
  • Legal Due-Diligence
  • Human Resource Due-Diligence
  1. Evaluation

M&A advisory Consultants carefully examines the cash flows and other macro-economic issues specific to the targets industry based on which we control self-governing and fair evaluation for the acquisition. Valuation comprises of both corporates and synergy estimation. Based on the structure of the business and requirements of the client, the experienced team reaches a valuation/swap ratio which is in line with related regulations like FEMA, SEBI and Income Tax.

  1. Negotiation and Agreement

Once the assessment is approved between the parties, M&A advisory Consultants engage in negotiation to work out terms of payment and way forward based on the client‘s plan. Mergers and Acquisition expert’s expertise in drafting M&A term sheets/MOUs Share Purchase Agreement, Business Transfer Agreement, etc.

  1. Implementation

Implementation of transactions under a single window has permitted us to foresee impediments in the proficient execution of any deal and where there are potentials of leads and lags. This makes the execution process, smooth and time and cost-efficient. 

  1. Post-Restructuring Follow Up and Amalgamation

Post-merger amalgamation is just as significant as executing the right plan-

  • Financial-To makes sure complete consolidation of finance function comprising of working capital management and compliance of accounting standards.
  • Fiscal- To make sure non-withdrawal of advantages already claimed, continuity and carried forward of tax advantages.
  • Legal-To does compliance of corporate, administrative and fiscal laws in the progress of amalgamation.
  • We also can carry out a compliance audit.

ASC Group has a panel of experts to set up a clearly articulated plan and an M&A strategy that strengthens that plan. We offer a model to complete resolutions on a turn-key basis for implementing Mergers & Acquisitions transactions casing the entire scope of acute constituents of an M&A transaction, be it structuring, tax, finance or regulatory.


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