Enactment and Jurisdiction of Legal Metrology Act

Enactment and Jurisdiction of Legal Metrology Act

Enactment and Jurisdiction of Legal Metrology Act

A legal Metrology certificate is required to sell, and distribute packaged goods like consumer products, food products, or export products, etc. Registration with the metrology department of consumer affairs has been made compulsory for the seller, producer, dealers, distributors, and so on. ASC’s Legal Metrology consultants will guide you through what documentation shall be done, and how to obtain registration.

Even if you are a manufacturer or exporter dealing with goods related to weights and measures then you must register goods with Legal Metrology Act.  What is the need for Legal Metrology? If you wish to sell or distribute packaged goods like food products, or consumer goods, in particular, you need to follow the Legal Metrology Act. This will define the steps to obtain Legal Metrology Certificate and list the goods which fall under the category of legal metrology. The Main Purposes of the Legal Metrology Act are:

  • To set up and implement weights and measurement standards.
  • To control trade and commerce on weights and measures.

Who needs to apply for Legal Metrology registration? The subsequent three categories can apply for a Legal Metrology registration certificate:

  • Trader
  • Producer
  • Packer

5 step registration process of Legal Metrology:

Enactment and Jurisdiction of Legal Metrology Jurisdiction of Legal Metrology - Legal Metrology Act was introduced by the Government of India to promote the manufacturing and trading of goods of standard measures and weights. The main aim of the consumer affair department is to offer the right and good quality goods to the consumer. State-wise rules of Legal Metrology may differ as per their importance.

Need for Legal Metrology Consultant for your Business: Legal Metrology Act specifies standards and rules to be followed while packaging a commodity or good for selling or distributing goods. It also includes import and export goods. Legal metrology department of consumer affairs make sure that business functions swiftly and proficiently to ensure consumer right protection, companies need to adopt the Legal Metrology Act. Below given are the essentials of selling a good with described weights and measures:

  1. Quantity of Unit 

A person while quoting a price, broadcasting an advertisement, and representing the quantity of pre-packed products needs to do the same under the act.

  1. Standard of reference

The goods must be of standard weight and measures as described in the ACT. Goods need to be verified and stamped by the Department of consumer affairs for registration under Legal Metrology ACT along with the mentioned fees.

  1. Transaction of goods

All goods transactions should be as per the set measures, numbers, or weights as mentioned in ACT, any goods without the proper guidelines won’t be considered by the Department of consumer affairs.

  1. Product packaging

Packaging of goods must be done as stated in the ACT, any violation of the Act will be considered a wrongful act and punishment will be imposed for the same. It should have declarations and details as suggested by the ACT. Why a Legal Metrology Consultant?

  • Consultants are known for the pros and cons of Legal Metrology as they are dealing with this subject daily.
  • They are experienced with the processes of legal metrology registrations.
  • Ensure compliance and necessary registrations of your business.
  • Ensure that the company follows rules and obtain essential licenses.


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