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Big Forbes Consultancy Firm in India: Strategy and Planning

Big Forbes Consultancy Firm in India: Strategy and Planning

Big Forbes Consultancy firms in India - Business Consultancies worldwide offer advisory to business over management, financial and legal issues of a company. We offer practical and implementable solutions to our clients, which apply to both large and small businesses, on how to enhance value from each industry within the Group. Services offered by Big Forbes Consultancy firms in India are:

  1. Strategy and Planning
  • Entry Strategies to the companies planning to set up the country in India and offering them their existence in the value chain needs and developing the business plan and roll out.
  • Market assessment report on the particular type of business which an investor wishes to work in.
  • Strategic assessment of market and operations and drafting of the business plan.
  • Valuation of restructuring business through merger, acquisition and joint venture.
  • Strategizing to improve the value of a company by accessing market value.
  • Feasibility and locality study for business intending to set up business in India
  1. Performance Enhancement
  • Enhancing the supply chain infrastructure for leading Indian Retailers.
  • Aiding Suppliers to establish sourcing operations in India.
  • Strategy and execution of a centralized procurement establishment.
  • Planned cost reduction to attain a rise in profitability.
  • Performance enhancement planning to recommend reorientation of customer proposition.
  • Customer experience calculation and enhancement exercise conducted for India leading diversified engineering company
  • Cost reduction through strategic planning.
  1. Revolution
  • Preparing Turnaround strategy and business plan.
  • Designing sales organizations to enable an increase in turnover.
  • Aiding a market leader to entirely revamp their distribution network.
  • To mend overall performance across a range of retail metrics.
  • Driving profits growth and profit aim through rationalizing and consolidating products.
  • Organisation alteration using the Balanced Scorecard method.
  1. Transaction
  • Commercial due diligence and valuation leading Indian company.
  • Technical due diligence of companies.
  • Planned due diligence of the Lifestyle division of a rural retail chain.
  • Shortlisting and valuation of acquisition goals.
  • Planned Partner identification for a prominent EPC player in India
  • Sell-side due diligence.
  1. Implementation
  • Adopting strategy while setting up a business and carrying out business activities.
  • Cost reduction in business activities to increase the value of a business.
  • Drafting of the turnaround profit and loss.
  • Complying with laws and compliances.
  • Carrying out the Due diligence Procedure.
Big Forbes consultancy firm in India includes ASC Group, EY, etc. focusing on the growth of the business and guiding through a roadmap on how a company would be incorporating and marking the step and policies that will attract the growth of the business.  provide you advisory over financial and legal aspects of a company that will increase the value of a business.


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