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72 more Traders Booked for Hoarding Edible Oil | LM & FSSAI Dept. Participated

72 more Traders Booked for Hoarding Edible Oil | LM & FSSAI Dept. Participated

In continuation to the raids conducted around 1,890 locations from March 6 to 19 in Andhra Pradesh. the Vigilance and Enforcement (V&E) department inspected 271 establishments to prevent hoarding of edible oil and other essential commodities. Among the inspected establishment, 72 cases were booked under the Essential Commodities Act on Wednesday. 

According to the vigilance officials, a total of 4,955 business establishments across 13 districts in India were inspected between March 6 and 29. The traders were warned against hoarding palmolein, pulses, edible oil, and other essential commodities that immensely affect the life of the people. This causes a surge in prices and creates artificial scarcity. 

The department of Vigilance & Enforcement is conducting surprise checks on the hoarding and trading of edible oils and other essential commodities.

Legal Metrology and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) department also participated in the operation. While the department of Vigilance & Enforcement officials booked 72 cases under section 6A of the Essential Commodities Act, FSSAI officials booked 60 cases against errant traders for flouting rules and contamination, and the Legal Metrology department filed 2,027 cases. 

The officials also said “Traders who are trying to take advantage of the Russia-Ukraine war crisis will be dealt with harsh penalties. The local people have complained that some traders are charging `30 to `50 additional benefits per litre of edible oil. 


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