4 business trends that are taking over 2018

4 business trends that are taking over 2018

4 business trends that are taking over 2018

4 business trends that are taking over 2018

India is in the midst of a massive transformational shift with a growing number of internet users who are not only aware of new developments but also demand changes according to their needs. Businesses across the world depend on client satisfaction for their sustenance and growth.

The industry is going through a shift at such rapid speed, it has become essential to keep upto date with practices that will keep your business alive and relevant. Growth in Tier II and Tier III This segment of the Indian market has been a tricky section albeit with humongous potential.

One would assume that Tier II and Tier III cities contribute marginally to conversions and almost not at all to digital conversions but this has slowly been changing. Not only are these cities contributing to businesses, they are gradually changing market norms and giving rise to customized marketing practices according to their needs.

The efforts of the Government to bring in digital literacy across the country have certainly contributed to this growth and one can hope to continue seeing progress. It is therefore essential to put your business on the Tier II and Tier III map if it isn’t already on it. Digital awareness From banking to grocery shopping, the internet today can help you with anything.

Would you then miss the opportunity of taking your business digital? If your business doesn’t serve the masses, it’s imperative to have atleast a presence online. You can become a knowledge platform sharing latest industry updates or simply publish a portfolio of your services to be visible. An organization that is not online, is not an absent organization.

Real connect Irrespective of what your business core is, it’s important for you to build a connection with your audience. Audiences are evolving and they see right through marketing gimmicks, so honesty is the best policy here. Put out your organisation’s vision out there and you will notice how wonderfully your audience responds.

Stay true to your goals If your business is not driven by online sales, then change your business strategy online. If investing in a marketing campaign based on generic best practices is not helping your brand image, it’s time to objectively look at platforms that work for you. Social media platforms are important for a presence but don’t necessarily require that you run a campaign which will not benefit your business at all. To stay updated with trends is a great exercise for your business, but it is equally important to know which of those practices will truly help your business to grow.


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