38 cases were filed for selling Cooking oil at a higher price Legal Metrology

38 cases were filed for selling Cooking oil at a higher price Legal Metrology

38 cases were filed for selling Cooking oil at a higher price- LMPC Act

The Vigilance & Enforcement department raided around 1,890 locations from March 6 to 19 in Andhra Pradesh. In the raids, it was found that people had stored edible oils and pulses in bulk considering the price shoot up as an effect of the Ukraine-Russia War. 

The Additional Director General informed; out of inspections conducted in 1890 inspections, 889 cases fall under the provision of the Legal Metrology Act 2009. 59 cases were filed under section 6A of the Essential Commodities Act on excess stock limits, and 38 cases were filed for selling cooking oil at a higher price under Legal Metrology packaged commodities rules 2011.

The department of Vigilance & Enforcement is conducting surprise checks on hoarding and trading of palm oil and other edible oils.
The Andhra Pradesh Vigilance & Enforcement department is dealing with a peculiar situation where the country is observing a huge surge in cooking oil prices. To check the price, the department conducted a random visit of oilseeds, edible oils, pulses and palm oil on retail traders/ wholesalers/ supermarkets and manufacturing units etc. 
The Directorate General of Andhra Pradesh further said that hoarders also faced similar cases under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 (FSSAI). A department also filed a total of 7 criminal cases.
The Vigilance & Enforcement department has issued a warning against wholesale /retail traders, supermarkets and manufacturing units etc. to prevent hoarding of palm oil, edible oils, oilseed and pulses. This in-return causes a hike in prices and creates artificial scarcity. If they are found selling at a higher price, the department will take necessary action on licensing conditions and criminal action.
Andhra Pradesh imports a huge quantity of sunflower oil from Ukraine. According to the statistical data, The Black Sea region, including Ukraine and Russia, supplies 80% of the world’s crude and sunflower oils and among them, India alone imports 70% of sunflower oil from Ukraine.


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