Import and Export Registration Procedure

Import and Export Registration Procedure

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Exporters and Importers of any country need to register the company with several authorities, institutions, and government schemes. Such export import registration or policy helps the company to grow continuously without any hurdles in the form of incentives/benefits while conducting export and import trade. IEC (Import Export Code) is a number given by the Director of Foreign trade that is mandatory for importing and exporting goods and services from India. In simple words, expanding the goods or services from the national market to the international market requires acquiring IEC. IEC is mandatory to avail of export scheme benefits from the customs and export promotion council, DGFT, etc.

Import/Export area where IEC is not mandatory

  • IEC is not mandatory for Import/export for personal use. Import/Export associated with the manufacture, trade, agriculture
  • Importing or exporting by departments, government ministries, and acquainted charitable organizations.

Why do you need to acquire an Import Export Code?

IEC registration certificate is needed to export/import any product and it plays an immense role in a business. Apart from other incentives, some major features for Import Export registration.

  1. Import and export products efficiently: Import-Export code is like a passport that gives the company permission to import/export goods and services from India.
  2. Return filing is not mandatory: Import Export doesn’t require return filing or any procedure to uphold the import-export code. It stays eternal and valid from the issued day.
  3. No renewal required: To import /export both in India and outside India, renewability of any sort is not required. IEC is a 10-digit unique code issued Ministry of Commerce, Director General of Foreign Trade, and the Government of India.

Essentials of Export Import Registration:

An importer-exporter has to register the company with several authorities and institutions that directly or indirectly assist the organization to conduct trade. Mentioned below are some of the institutions to register the company with IEC:

a) Registration of Company: Importers/Exporters require to register the categories of company chosen under a suitable Act within the country for conducting import and export operations such as a partnership company has to register under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932, a joint-stock company within the Companies Act, 1956, etc.

b) Open Bank Account: Importers and Exporters need to open a company bank account in the commercial bank authorized by (RBI) to deal in foreign currency transactions. Any kind of monetary transaction company is directed through this account. Such a bank also assists as a source of pre-shipment and post-shipment finance for the exporters.

c) Obtaining Importer-Exporter Code Number (IEC No.): Earlier obtaining an Exporter's Code Number from RBI was mandatory which is now changed to Import export code which is now issued by the Direct General for Foreign Trade. IEC can be obtained by applying by paying a fee of Rs. 1000.

d) Attaining Permanent Account Number (PAN): An exporter must register its company with Income Tax Authorities and attain a Permanent Account number to avail of export income benefits.

e) Registration with GST: GST registration is mandatory for each imported while exporting goods from one country to another. Goods purchased for exports are exempted from other taxes.

f) Registering with the Export Promotion Council (EPC): The exporter needs to register themselves with the Export Promotion council and get an Import Export code registration cum Membership certificate to avail of benefits under Foreign Trade Law.

g) Registration with Export Credit and Guarantee Corporation of India (ECGC): To protect exporters from commercial and political risks it is essential to register themselves with ECGC. ECGS aids exporters to seek financial aid and guidance from financial institutions including Banks.

h) Registration with other Authorities: Some other essential authorities under which exported needs to register are listed below-

  1. Federation of Indian Export Organization
  2. Indian Trade Promotion Organization
  3. Chambers of Commerce
  4. Productivity Councils, and so on

This is all about the export import registration process, if you still have any doubts, you can connect our professional at ASC Group. 


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