Guidelines for Legal Metrology Certification under LMPC Act, 2009

Guidelines for Legal Metrology Certification under LMPC Act, 2009

Guidelines for Legal Metrology Certification under LMPC Act, 2009

Legal Metrology is a part of the Department of Consumer Affairs that came into practice in 2009 and deals with the monitoring and regulation of manufacturing, import, and business of weighing, measuring instruments and devices, and legal Metrology certification. ASC assists manufacturers and importers of weighing and measuring instruments and devices to obtain appropriate licenses and approvals for setting up their companies and marketing their products. The Legal Metrology Department falls under the Department of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Wing of the Government of India regulating weights and measures.

Registration of Companies

Registration of a company as a manufacturer, importer, or packer of weighing and measuring instruments and devices is required to be done under Legal Metrology. Government Authorities have planned a systematic procedure for the registration of a respective company under Legal Metrology. At ASC, we protect our clients from vigorous application procedures to help save their time and effort. A company functioning in manufacturing, importing, or packaging weighing and measuring instruments and devices must register itself with the Legal Metrology online portal. Different states and UT’s of India have online portals for registration. In states where online registration is not available, the company must apply offline for proper registration. Our technical team at ASC helps companies in registering themselves in the Legal Metrology Portal.

Registration of Importer

An importer of measuring instruments, wanting to do business in the Indian market needs to list itself to attain the Certificate of Registration of Importer of Weights and Measures. The application for Legal Metrology Certification is filed in Schedule X under Rule 15 and obtained under section 19 of the Legal Metrology Act 2009. We assist importers in new registrations as well as renewals of the existing license.

Registration of Manufacturer, Importer, and Packers

The Department of Consumer Affairs has framed strict rules and guidelines for the labeling of weighing and measuring instruments. All the labels of measuring instruments promoted in India must be compliant with the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules 2011 and 2017.  For the product labels which fall under the Legal Metrology Certification purview, the respective company needs to obtain a packaging and warehouse registration or renewal for goods to be marketed in India.


Legal Metrology has defined particular licenses and application procedures related to weighing and measuring instruments and devices. For Legal Metrology Certification, these procedures may include manufacturing, import, marketing, and repair of measuring instruments and related equipment. At ASC, we help our clients in attaining licenses and perform these periodic updates to the Legal Metrology Division without any problems or unnecessary effort. These are the following licenses required under Legal Metrology:-

  1. License as a Manufacturer
  2. License as a Dealer
  3. License as a Repairer

Model Approval

Different models of measuring and weighing instruments falling under the Legal Metrology purview must attain Model Approval from the Central Legal Metrology Department. An application for the approval of a model (weights and measures) needs to be filed along with a couple of models and their documentation and details. A grant of the certificate of approval and report by a certified laboratory must also be submitted along with the application to grant a legal metrology certificate. ASC provides support to its clients in filing and attaining model approval for their weighing and measuring instruments from the Central Legal Metrology Department.

Stamping And Verification

As per State Legal Metrology (Enforcement) Rules, 2010, Instruments must be stamped either by the State Legal Metrology Officer or District Legal Metrology Inspectors to regularise weights and measures. Under the Legal Metrology Act 2009, the authorized officer must test and verify an instrument for meeting the established standards. Upon verification, a stamp depicting the year and its quarter is placed on every verified instrument.

Legal Metrology Certification:

Fixing labels on the measuring instruments is essential, and manufacturing and printing these labels can be a challenging and time-consuming task sometimes. In attaining stamping and verification certificates from the Legal Metrology Department or local vendors can result in the downfall of sales. ASCGroup offers commendable support to its clients for manufacturing and printing their labels, and certification on time. Our association with label manufacturers and vendors allows us to help you with obtaining labels on time for stamping and verification by Legal Metrology officials.


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