GST Health Check-up

GST Health Check-up

GST Health Check-up

GST health check-up is a recent initiative to protect an organization and fulfill GST compliances to run the business of an entity seamlessly. GST health check-up includes Routine GST compliances, identifying GST data with books, analyzing the transactions and compliances relating to GST laws, and tracking and executing the ways through which an organization can derive benefits.

Essentials of GST Health Check-up

  1. Timely compliance with GST Laws: Enforcing laws and making sure that the compliances specific to the business are compiled timely. On issuance of latest notification compliances relating to it shall be complied.
  1. Organizing Workshops and Training: Providing training and workshop to an investor, entrepreneurs, businesses on GST laws, the introduction of new notifications and challenges faced while enforcing GST laws. 
  1. Auditing of business: Business shall be audited by a team of experts and if there seems to be an error then the same will be rectified and the GST expert will guide you on how to fill the gap. 
  1. Analyzing the financial situation of an entity: To analyze the financial stability of a business every company shall display its Goods and Services Tax Identification Number to evaluate the filing, status of GST account, and timely filing of GST refund.

Negligence of GST Laws and its Consequences:

  • As per rule 18 of CGST Rules, 2017 every registered person shall display his Goods and Services Tax Identification Number on the name board exhibited at the entry of his principal place of carrying out business and at every additional place or place of company.
  • Due to non-compliance, the taxpayer has to pay a penalty under various sections in GST law, the penalty may levy up to twenty-five thousand under section 125 of the CGST Act, 2017.

How ASC can help?

  • Day-to-day compliances
  • Analysis of GST portal data with books
  • Analysis of each transaction inward and outward and their compliance with GST law
  • Analysis best possible way to implement the process for availing GST benefits
  • Train organization team like accounts payable, accounts receivable, procurement team, sales team, customer care team, and finance team so that the chances of occurring reduces at the beginning of the transaction to avoid consequences later under GST laws


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