Establishing a Foreign Business in India

Establishing a Foreign Business in India

Establishing a Foreign Business in India: Legal and Tax Compliance

Establishing a Foreign Business in India

Foreign Direct Investment of a country is the marker of the country’s growth across sectors. Financial, infrastructure, manufacturing, transport as well as other areas instantly receive a boost as foreign investments in a country rise. Gradually India has become a nurturing destination for new businesses and the position is just going to get stronger. The first step towards setting up your business in India, though, is an understanding of the market. The primary methodology and perhaps the most popular has been the support and expertise of business start-up consulting services.

What are the advantages of setting up a business in India?

A growing market: The Government in India is focused on creating an open economy where foreign investment is highly encouraged and policies are set with the changing dynamics of industries and businesses the world over. Since the ’90s, India has been on an upward growth curve that focuses on prioritizing foreign investments and collaborations while at the same time strengthening domestic businesses. The best time to invest in India is today, with its huge potential, diverse market, and supportive government initiatives, there is much to explore.

Huge potential: With the largest number of youth in the world, India holds a huge potential. A workforce that is committed to making a big difference and at the same time, understands the tax framework, cultural diversity, and the way of working which is unique to all countries.

A robust legal and tax framework: For any developing country, it’s essential to have a tax and legal structure that is firm enough to avoid any leakages and fluid enough to make way for market changes. The Indian tax system is the perfect example of the same, especially with the introduction of the newest tax regime. A unified goods and services tax for the entire country. Streamlining tedious processes and reducing paperwork extensively has hugely contributed to the country’s growth as a top infrastructural hub.

What do you need?

To set up a business in India, the first step is to understand the geographical diversity, as well as the cultural differences that exist, that are a part of the country’s pulse. The next step would be a comprehensive market survey for positioning your business appropriately in the Indian market. A

law firm, a reliable business setup advisory should be a foreign business’s first point of contact and advisory when setting up base in India. ASC Group has chartered accountant consultancy services with a view to offering all accounting and financial services for individuals and corporates under one roof. To know more about the compliances for setting up a business in India, you can write to


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