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CBIC has released excel based Offline Utility of Form GSTR-9C

CBIC has released excel based Offline Utility of Form GSTR-9C

CBIC has Released Excel based Form GSTR-9C Offline Tool on April 14, 2019. GSTR-9C Offline utility is designed to help the taxpayer to prepare the GSTR-9C return offline.
Your downloaded (GSTR9C Offline Tool) zip file contains: • GSTR_9C_Offline_Utility (Excel Macro) • Release Notes
Installation 1. Access the GST Portal 2. Go to Downloads > Offline tools > GSTR-9C Offline Tool > Download button. 3. Unzip the downloaded Zip file which contain GSTR-9C Offline Tool, User Manual, Read Me.txt, Release Note. 4. Open the extracted folder and you will find a MS Excel file with Name "GSTR_9C_Offline_Utility.xls". 5. Double Click on it to open. 6. Once opened, click on "Enable Editing" and "Enable Macros" and/or "Enable Content" button on top. 7. Now you can use the tool.
How to Use the Tool: Key functionalities 1. Enter details in the GSTR9C Table wise worksheets of the Excel offline Tool. 2. Validate the details entered in each sheet using 'validate' button. 3. Generate Json using ' Generate JSON File to Upload' option. 4. Upload the generated JSON on GST Portal. Preview the details uploaded (facility to pdf download), Initiate filing, offset liability and File return on the GST portal.
Important Note: Size of generated JSON file should not be greater than 5 MB. Maximum number of items which can be uploaded one time is 19,000 (including data in all sections).


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