5 Most upcoming business ideas for 2019

5 Most upcoming business ideas for 2019

5 Most upcoming business ideas for 2019

Great ideas have the potential to make successful businesses but not all ideas culminate to businesses. For a business to become successful, it is very important to understand the market and gather audience insights. If a business doesn’t serve any need, eventually it will fade away irrespective of the unique idea behind it. The year 2018 saw a variety of interesting ideas which were great business propositions. While some survived and flourished, there were a few which didn’t make it big. As technology becomes a big part of our world, businesses centered on technology are the real deal. Let’s take a look at business ideas which can make it big in 2019.

1. Business ideas on Virtual Reality

Computer based stimulation of 3D images or parts of the environment which can be accessed or interacted via special electronic equipment. Virtual Reality has become a huge part of cinema and it’s slowly making its way into everyday life through gaming parlours. In 2019, virtual reality will go big and how. Some of the ideas that one can expect to take place are VR cafes, VR safety classes, danger management through VR. A virtual reality café can bring together a lot of experiences together on one platform. From a virtual reality library to VR games to an exclusive movie experience – eating out can become a unique experience, thus in turn making for a great business opportunity. 

2. Personalised tourist guidance services

Tourism has been around for the longest time and is a lucrative business opportunity. In 2019 however, we will experience tourism with a twist. AirBnBs will make way for personalized guided tours by locals and travels will prefer this way of travelling. To advertise your services, you can use a number of platforms which will give you the required presence as well as bring travelers to your city. As a business proposition, you can add innovative experiences to your tours and advertise the same. It could be a simple tour or experience unique to your town which can instantly gain popularity.

3. IoT based businesses

Internet of things of IoT can be explained as a network of physically connected devices which could include vehicles, home appliances and other everyday things which can accessed through data exchange. Since the concept is still quite new, business ideas associated with IoT are related to consultancy, products and services.

4. Co-working spaces

Co-working spaces are a new concept in India and their popularity has been unprecedented. The year 2018 has seen a number of co-working spaces, 2019 however will be the real test of this new business idea. Creating spaces where individuals or small teams from different or similar professional backgrounds can share an open, healthy environment while concentrating on their daily work routines. Not only does this save time, rent and energy, it’s also a more sustainable way of working.  

5. Data Crunching

Data crunching has become a key factor in this era of technology. As businesses try to understand this complicated science, it has the potential of becoming a very successful business in 2019. Data can provide extremely helpful insights into customer behavior, audiences and competitor strategies thus giving massive advantage and edge to businesses. Data crunching analysts are in demands and slowly this process can culminate to consulting since understanding and analyzing data is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you have some more great business ideas for 2019, do share with us and we might add to this list! Write to us at info@ascgroup.in.


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