Benefits of engaging BIS Certification and Registration Consulting firm

Benefits of engaging BIS Certification and Registration Consulting firm

Benefits of engaging BIS Certification and Registration Consulting firm

Compulsory Registration Scheme came into being in 2012 by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology along with the Bureau of Indian Standards. Introduction of Compulsory Registration Scheme made it a compulsion for producers to get their products registered before introducing them in the market.

Benefits of engaging Bureau of Indian Standards consulting firm:

  1. Bureau of Indian Standards Registration is important for all the electronic products which are listed in the Compulsory Registration Scheme and If you want to sell the particular product in India.
  2. All producers’ regardless of their nationality require to apply for this registration to Import the product in India or for doing sales into the Indian market.
  3. The products are tested for safety as per the appropriate Indian Standards.
  4. Overseas Producers are needed to have a local representative in India who will represent the Producers locally and will be accountable for placing the product in the market.
  5. This program is for the producer and unique registration is allotted for each manufacturing location.
  6. BIS Registration Certificate is allotted to Manufacturing Units only and no Importer or Trader can get it in their name.

Registration of Bureau of Indian Standards based on the following standards:

  • Producer
  • Brand Name
  • Product type
  • Marking Requirements: Standard mark for Compulsory Registration Scheme to be marked on the products and packaging after the Bureau of Indian Standards registration is granted with aid of BIS Consulting firms.
  • Registration Validity: Registration is valid for two years and can be renewed with the help of BIS consulting firms if there is no change in the product and the standard.
  • Test Report

Process of BIS Registration:

  1. Firstly, the sample of the product is to be provided to BIS Approved Indian Laboratory for testing under defined Indian Standards.
  2. Secondly, after attaining the test report, submit an application to the Bureau of Indian Standards Office with prescribed filled-up Form VI attached with a lab test report, factory documents, information & undertaking.
  3. After inspection of all submitted documents & information, the Bureau of Indian Standards Registration Certificate will be allotted.

Essentials Required for BIS Registration Process:

  1.     Technical Information of Product for LAB TESTING
  • PCB Layout
  • Schematic Diagram
  • User Manual
  • Critical Component List (CCL)
  1.    Factory Documents & Details to complete the Bureau of Indian Standards Application Form & Process

The Basic information for manufacturing unit is required is:

  • Legal Address Proof of Factory i.e. Manufacturing License Copy
  • Trade Mark Registration Copy i.e. Brand Name Registration
  • Organizational Chart of Factory i.e. Top Management + Quality Team
  • List of Machinery
  • List of Equipment’s
  • Documents of Authorized Indian Representative in the case of a foreign manufacturer.

Timeline for Bureau of Indian Standards Registration

Total Time for Bureau of Indian Standards Registration will be around 30-35 working days, comprising testing time of 15-20 working days and BIS application processing time of 10-15 working days. ASC Consulting firm will make sure that documents are complete and can be delivered in stipulated time then the Period can me met or shorten.  


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