The Compendious study of the new Labor Codes

The Compendious study of the new Labor Codes

The Compendious study of the new Labor Codes

The new labor reforms being introduced in 2019-2020 & being implemented in 2021, which are about to bring a wave of changes into the Work Sector.

ASC Group would hereby like to introduce you to a brief walkaround of the new labor codes that are being introduced by the Government of India.

As per the latest notification it has been decided by the Government of India to consolidate twenty-nine (29) central labor laws into four (4) codes, namely:

  • The Code on Wages, 2019
  • The Code on Social Security, 2020
  • The Occupational Safety, Health, and Working Conditions Code, 2020
  • The Industrial Relations Code, 2020

The aim & objective behind it is to bring about long impending changes and reforms that were necessary in the case of laborer’s & workmen for ages, where the important focus has been made towards the employee benefits, hours of work, social security benefits and various reforms especially for women that are required in the current work situation keeping in mind that there were various sectors and sections where clarifications and amendments were needed with time.

This report focusses and summaries the points, factors, conditions, and changes that are required to be met by employers, employees, workmen in their lines and conditions of work also outlining the basic roles to be met, also there might be various amendments to these as notified by Government of India and further guidelines would be notified later as well at a later date.

The idea behind the preparation of this report of the new labor codes have been kept in mind the appropriate knowledge and advice it would be required to provide a detailed guideline as to how this study would benefit those who require the compliances to be met as well as those who require the knowledge about the latest changes and clear definitions in place for their employees, along with that special focus has been made towards key areas where an establishment or an organization would need to focus upon for further steps that would need to be taken in the best interest of their organization & their employees.

Click on the link below to read the compendious study of the new Labor Codes:



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