Launching of new DGFT platform and Digital delivery of IEC related services

Launching of new DGFT platform and Digital delivery of IEC related services

Launching of new DGFT platform and Digital delivery of IEC related services

In the Digital world, when every industry has come up with the idea of digitizing their platform, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has undertaken an initiative to revamp the delivery of its service mechanisms to boost its foreign trade. As a step towards it, the first phase of Digital platform of DGFT will go live on 13th July 2020 by the department through its website: and other online modules relating to EPCG, Advance Authorisation, etc. will be launched by the DGFT department subsequently on stabilization of its first phase.

  1. The first phase will be catering to the services related to the IEC issuance, modifications, and amendments, etc. along with the chatbot (a virtual assistant) catering to queries of users.
  2. Important points need to be noted relating to its first phase i.e. New platform design:
  • Access to the services would be through a username and password-based system. The first-time logins/user ID may be created through a registration process on the new platform.
  • For user ID creation, registered mobile number/email ids of the IEC holders will be mandatorily required. The same will be authenticated by the process of the OTP/email-based authentication process.
  • Users would have to link their login IDs to their specific IECs. The process of linking would be available post login through Digital Signature/Aadhaar based e-Sign.
  • Digital Signature (DSC)/Aadhaar based e-Sign will be required for applying and modifying IEC or adding or updating the IEC-linked users. Users may take necessary actions for procuring/updating their information etc. on the DSC/Aadhaar.
  1. IEC holder can easily engage in various services through their profiles created on DGFT Digital platform, it enables them to electronically file their application related to IEC, Advance Authorisation, EPCG, including amendments & redemption, monitoring the status of the application, raising queries, replying to the deficiencies, etc. among other services related to the Foreign Trade policy.
  2. It also migrates the user’s old data of DGFT on a digital platform. The users can monitor the status of their previous application online and pending obligations thereof.
  3. DGFT RAs are directed to intimate the staff/officials about the launch of the new platform. All the staff/officials must have a NIC /GOV email-ids with updated mobile numbers. The same will be used in the Back Office (BO) portal of the new platform. RAs are also directed to spread awareness about the new platform among the trade stakeholders. Staff/Officials may also refer to the content about the platform provided to them during the training sessions
  4. It is further informed that for go-live of the first phase and the required systems configurations, the IEC applications and modification process would be suspended from 3:00 pm on 10.07.2020 till 13.07.2020. Stakeholders are requested to plan in advance about the IEC service
  5. These numerous features should significantly benefit the trade community. Users are requested to familiarize themselves with the new platform and its features.

(Issued vide Trade notice no. 16/2020-21 dated 25th June 2020 by Directorate General of Foreign Trade)  


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