India Entry & Business Startup Consultings


The month of April was all about webinars and online training for enhancing the skills and be connected with the clients and employees. ASC always believe in skill-development and expanding the knowledge base to be updated in all field, especially pertaining to business matters. In continuation of our constant efforts to keep you updating in all fields, we ensure uploading all the sessions in the digital platform. The online training session will not only enhance the broad-spectrum of knowledge on a particular topic but also help you to understand the professional work culture and to be equipped with Professional & Social Attitude. The webinars feature industry experts and leaders to conduct penal discussion/training sessions on important topics impacting the business and current pandemic situation. The subject experts focus on every aspect of the topic for presenting the complete insight, possibilities, challenges, and solutions and also provide advisory and consulting

The Webinar is totally free conducted in a timely and strategic manner especially on matters like Taxation, Labor Law, finance, Insolvency, and any other suggested topic. Sudden lockdown and breakdown of the global pandemic have detached the corporate world and individual from one another, so to ensure safety, excessive knowledge, and being connected simultaneously, webinars and training sessions are breaking the barriers.  ASC always motivates sharing or imparting knowledge and skills to ensure maximum people get benefitted and gain knowledge from all possible platforms.