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Shop & Establishment Registration

Shop & Establishment Registration

Registration under the Shop and Establishment Act is compulsory for most businesses and this is the chief step to the promising business world. Every establishment needs to list itself within 30 days of commencing whether it is Shop, commercial establishment, restaurant, hotel, theatre, public amusement, and retail trade/business.


Documents Mandatory for Shop and Commercial Establishment Registration are-

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Driving License
  • Voter Id.
  • Photo of Owner.


Under the Shop and Establishment Act, one must apply for registration, within 30 days from the date of the beginning of establishment, in suggested form along with prescribed fees.

Shop and Establishment Act is covered under state legislation and each state has outlined its own rules and regulations. Since rules are outlined by the state government, obviously, rules will vary from state to state and hence rules for the state in which listing is to be obtained needs to be followed.


  • The main aim of the Act is to safeguard the rights of both employer and employee.
  • It legalizes the sets rules for Working hours.
  • Issues the rules for spread-over, rest interval, opening and closing hours, closed days,
  • Affirms the national and religious holidays,
  • Regulates the work, rules for employment of children, young persons, and women,
  • It also sets the rules for annual leave, maternity leave,
  • It also structures laws in the industry for the sickness and casual leave, rules for engagement and termination of service.
  • It also issues the method and technique for the maintenance of registers and records and display of notices and duties of employers as well as employees.
  • The terms of service and other work conditions of people employed in Shop and commercial establishments.


  • Shop and Establishment covered under the Act must apply for listing, within 30 days from the date of the beginning of establishment, inset form along with prescribed fees.
  • Shop and Establishment Act is ruled by the labor department of the state and registration application is to be given to local district labor officer.
  • If the concerned officer is agreed with the application he/she will release the Shop and Establishment Act registration certificate.
  • As mentioned earlier, application procedure would vary from state to state, though, basic particulars to be provided at the time of applying for registration are as under:
  1. Name and address of the establishment
  2. Name of the employer
  3. PAN of establishment
  4. Address proof
  5. Sale deed or rent agreement
  6. Category of establishment
  7. Number of employees
  8. Details of employee
  9. Other relevant details as called for

Why one should attain the Shop and Establishment License?

The main importance of the Shop and Establishment License is as follows:

  • It gives you legal recognition.
  • It principally forms as a basic license.
  • It is also proof of your business required to run a company in India.
  • In case you need to increase investment through bank loans or from venture capitals, in that case, also need the license or registration to prove their validity.

What is needed to be done for the shop and establishment act registration?

  • Attain the certificate of registration under the shop and establishment act
  • Comply GST Registration rule for your business.
  • Do not forget to avail MSME Registration benefits.
  • You will also require the set of legal documents, letters formats, applicable to a new set up.
  • Renewal of certificate of registration under the shop and establishment act

The penalty under Shop and Establishment Act

It is compulsory for all the establishments covered under the Act to attain registration and follow all the rules and regulations approved under the same. In case of any failure in attaining registration and/or following the rules and regulation of the Act, the establishment would be accountable to pay the penalty. The penalty amount would differ from state to state.


One who wants to initiate a small shop anywhere in India they have a compulsory requirement to register their shop name with the government of India which can be completed through the online shop and establishment registration. You can register online shop name with given options –

  1. Shop Registration under the MSME Act 2006
  2. Shop Registration under Shop & Establishment Act in a particular state.

ASC Shop and establishment registration services

  • Registration under the Shop and establishment act.
  • Renewal of certificate under the Shop and establishment act,
  • GST registration,
  • MSME registration,
  • Format and set of legal documents required by start-ups.
  • Legal advisory, Compliance calendar valid for your establishment and much more.
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