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Factory set up

Factory set up

The factory set up in India for a foreign venture needs a lot of regulations to fulfill. We are here to offer various services that assist them to easily set their venture on Indian land. While setting up a factory it is necessary to study the market to access the demand and feasibility of factories in that particular market.

Given below are certain registrations compulsory for the factory set up:

SSI / MSME / DIC Registration

Every company registered in India gives certain benefits by the government of India based on its arrangement in the type of entity i.e. Small, Medium or Micro.

This MSME certificate assists you to enjoy several advantages such as priority sector lending, differential rates of interest, the various exemption under tax laws, get environmental clearances, etc.

Provisional Registration

Provisional registration is approved to a unit at its pre-investment period to permit it to take required steps to apply for financial credit, land or an industrial set, water, power or telephone connections, etc. 

Permanent / Final Registration

A provisionally registered industrial unit when it is about to go into manufacture is to obtain a grant of Permanent / Final Registration. An existing and functioning industrial unit is qualified to obtain Permanent / Final Registration without going into provisional registration processes.

Pollution Control Board Consent

  • Setting up an industrial unit in India attracts several kinds of licenses from the Indian Government i.e. both State and Central, One such permit is for the Pollution Licenses.
  • The company, which releases sewage or effluent into the environment or releases any pollution in air will have to get consent from the State Pollution Control Board.
  • Similarly, any industry/process generating, storing, transporting, disposing or handling hazardous waste are required to obtain authorization from the State Pollution Control Board.

There are two types of consent:

  1. Consent to Establish

All the industries and activities needing consent must obtain consent to establish before the actual commencement of the works for establishing the industry/activity.

  1. Consent to Operate

This consent requires to be taken before the actual beginning of production including trial production. This consent is effective for a specific duration.

Factory Licence

The factory owners are needed to inform and also list their premises with the local governing authority before the commencing of operations. This assists in enabling the risk management at the workplace and the total implementation of Safety and Health Management Systems in factory premises. 

How ASC helps?

  • Assistance in understanding the laws that are prevalent at the time of setting up a factory in India.
  • Assistance in obtaining the relevant approvals from the pollution control board and other authorities.
  • Assistance in applying for the industrial capacity license and other associated licenses required.
  • Assistance in helping the corporates to represent them in front of various ministries and government authorities for the factory set up.
  • Assistance in understanding and getting the subsidies at the central and state level at the times or after the factory set up.
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