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Customs duty refund

Customs duty refund

Custom Duty refund or Duty Drawback is a scheme that offers a refund of duties paid on raw material and inputs that have used in the production of goods for exports. Deemed Exports regulations under Foreign Trade Policy offers a refund for deemed export purposes. Experts will aid you to attain the entire to make sure that it reaches your bank account. Offering Custom duty refund expertise and sympathy you require, whether you are filing a claim or if you’re establishing a new drawback program.


  1. Custom Drawback: The import of materials that are later exported unused or as a used good. The drawback is pushed by exports.
  2. Identifying duty-paid elements used in making Custom duty refund, or product on which duty was paid upon import and is then exported by you or any other company.
  3. All Industry Rate- exporters covered under this Custom duty refund schedule can get the drawback at the prescribed rates for the customs of the port of export.
  4. Brand Rate- if exporters not covered under the Custom duty refund schedule, they can file for drawback under the brand rate of fixation to recover the duties suffered in the process.
  5. Special Brand Rates- can be fixed in case the All Industry rates are available but is less than 4/5th of the actual duty suffered.


  • ASC have strategically placed our branch in India and globally to aid the good imported, offer Custom Duty Refund Consulting Service and guide you through the entire procedure.
  • We have 25 years of experience in the particular field of the industry helping Custom drawback/ Duty Refund. Efficiency and Reliability are what we work when it comes to drawback services.
  • Our highly experienced custom-drawn back therapist is always available for Custom Duty Refund service and regulation to make sure that the paperwork and Custom law comply up to the mark.  

Service offered by ASC

  • Assists in Quick refunds where you get a cheque within three to four weeks via electronic filing.
  • The input of all data electronically.
  • Providing an accurate and comprehensive record keeping.
  • Create ongoing program-status updates.
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