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Corporate Finance

We combine deep financial proficiency with exclusive tools to assist in maximizing Corporate Finance value. The role and accountabilities of the Corporate Finance have progressed intensely. Once limited to the finance function, Corporate Finance is now, more than ever before, a planning partner responsible for creating value across the entire company. We have the capability to help Corporate Finance as they alter the finance organization, shape portfolio strategies, commence major investment and financing decisions, and communicate with investors.

Essentials of Corporate Finance

  1. Corporate and capital markets strategy

Aid in drafting strategies that reflect value creation and the appropriate risk concerns are essential to success. Working with the Strategy & Trend Analysis Centre, we aid help clients maximize value creation by supporting their corporate strategy with the capital markets' opinion where value lies, communicating that strategic intent, and making a compelling story for investors.

  • Capital-markets examination—to regulate which plans and business models make the most value.
  • Active portfolio management—to aid corporate growth and increase long-term value.
  • Investor communications—to enlighten corporate plan clearly, manage performance.
  • Innovative financing policies—to build value expectations, m increase shareholder value, and anticipate the perspective of activist investors.
  1. Value-based management

Chief Finance Officers play a crucial role in aligning stakeholders so everyone sees value creation through the same lens. As the Chief Finance Officer is also at the controls of value-creation efforts company-wide, he or she can use the finance function to inspect new ideas and set best practices.

  • Performance measurement and management—To use rigorous analytical tools and methodologies that evaluate business value and performance
  • Finance-organization design—To improve the structure of the function to sallow greater focus on business support and value creation, using proprietary diagnostic tools and COE and SSC solutions
  • Lean finance—To enhance the practices and performance of the finance function to drive productivity and effectiveness
  • Finance-talent management—To aid shape the talent strategy, build talent systems, and develop leaders through capability-building Finance Academies to create a world-class finance function
  1. Chief Finance Officer support

Assistance in defining the role, responsibilities, and agenda of the Chief Finance Officer, comprising the role of working with the leadership team and the board and leading enterprise-wide initiatives such as managing digital transformations and taking up the opportunities provided by big data and advanced analytics.

How ASC Helps?

  • Assist businesses with designing a financial communications strategy to better reflect its performance and thereby improve its stock rating.
  • Assistance to companies in clearly link its capital structure to shareholder value creation.
  • Assistance to companies in evaluating and responding to a proposal to deleverage the balance sheet, stop paying dividends, and significantly increase the size of the share-buyback program.
  • Proposing an alternative solution to its board and adopting an analytical procedure to link its capital structure to shareholder value creation.
  • Assist in transforming decentralized and fragmented finance function to develop a new operating model with optimized procedures and activities and a thoughtful distribution of activities across geographic locations.
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