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Advisory on Tax Planning

Advisory on Tax Planning

Tax planning may be legitimate, provided it is within the framework of the law. The purpose of tax planning advisory is to ensure tax optimization and maximize investors’ wealth. It aims to reduce the outflow of cash resources made available to the Government by way of taxes so that the same may be effectively utilized for the benefit of the individual or business. It involves arranging one’s financial affairs by assessing the impact of the tax planning laws on the arrangements. 

The Indian Tax Regulations offers various methods for tax planning. These methods include incentives offered to business income, investment-linked deduction, exempting certain categories of income, etc. However, to avail of such benefits, one must follow the law in letter and in spirit. 

Our team of professionals understands the tax environment in India and stays constantly abreast of the changes in tax policies, administration, and regulations. We assist our clients both corporates and non-corporates not only in developing effective tax strategies but also in implementing them efficiently. The tax law in India is ever-evolving and therefore suitable amendment in the existing tax strategies is required. We invest considerable time in understanding the business operations, needs, and goal of any business enterprise, and based on this offer our structured solutions.

How ASC Helps?

  • Understanding the business operations and goals of any business and based on this offer comprehensive solutions not only for minimizing the tax incidence in India but also maximizing wealth;
  • Assisting companies or other business in complying with the conditions for availing various incentives or deductions or exemptions offered by the Government;
  • Advising multinational groups to minimize their tax incidence in India after analyzing the provisions of the double taxation avoidance agreement, categorization of income and their taxability in India, and risks related to a permanent establishment in India;
  • Advising multinational groups on their investments into India from a tax and regulatory perspective;
  • Advising large family offices in tax-efficient succession planning;
  • Advising corporate and non-corporate clients on tax planning and management including identification of risks, planning opportunities and compliance requirements;
  • Advising on emerging and recent regulations such as:
    • General Anti-avoidance Rules; 
    • Place of Effective Management; 
    • Base Erosion and Profit Shifting; 
    • Advice on Multilateral Instruments.
  • Regular updations on recent amendments, notifications, circulars, and judgments. 
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