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Scoops get Metrology Notice on MRP

Scoops get Metrology Notice on MRP

The legal metrology department has sent a notice to Scoops ice creams after city resident Akshay Kumar was charged more than the MRP (maximum retail price) for an ice cream he bought at Tank Bund from a tricycle ice-cream seller, who was an authorized vendor of Scoops. Mr. Kumar told Deccan Chronicle that this has become routine practice and tricycle ice-cream sellers take more than the MRP, and even tamper with the MRP and sell the ice cream at their own rate. At popular nighttime locations such as Necklace Road and Tank Bund, ice-cream prices are skyrocketing.

The Ranga Reddy district legal metrology department carried out an inspection in May of the Scoops ice-cream manufacturing unit of Sri Srinivasa Dairy Products Pvt Ltd and registered a case for violation of Legal Metrology Rules 2011.

Source: Deccan Chronicle


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