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ASC Times is a weekly e-magazine that is designed to provide the latest updates and information to all clients and associates. The magazine includes a crisp snapshot of the most recent tax-related Government Notifications and Amendments and how they can impact your business and policies. It also provides a list of public holidays categorized by region which serve as a ready reckoner for activity planning for organizations operating pan India.
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Written by: CA Alok Kumar Agarwal & CA Shailendra Kumar Mishra

All India Taxes is a comprehensive guide about local and central taxes applicable in India. It covers Income Tax, Excise, Service Tax, VAT, GST and all other taxes levied by Government.

The latest edition of this book includes a new chapter on ‘Start-up India’ scheme as launched by the Indian Government in 2016 listing out the various benefits available for the Start-ups in India. Further, there are additional topics in relation to Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 which is a part of ‘Customs Act’ in this book which lists down the various benefits available for exporters and importers of India.

The book aims to give a complete and thorough insight into the taxation system in India, relevant policies and guidelines and enables entrepreneurs and businesses to incorporate them into their regular business activities. Seeing the booming growth of entrepreneurship and small business culture in India, Mr. Alok Kumar Agarwal, himself an entrepreneur saw the gap for such a book. Since the topic of taxation is often confusing to new entrants having to deal with corporate finance and government regulations, this book was designed to serve as an easy to understand guide for new business owners and be a quick reference for industry experts at the same time. The book has also proven to be an extremely useful guide for foreign corporations and multinationals setting up business in India.

The idea behind this book is to provide relevant and much-needed information disseminated in a manner that can easily be comprehended by laymen. It has been written in a style that provides an easy understanding of complex tax structures and other related technicalities and this has been the primary reason behind the enormous success of this book.



Written by: CA Alok Kumar Agarwal & Advocate Deepak Kumar Dass

All India VAT Ready Reckoner, now in its 3rd edition is a hugely successful book that serves as a reference base for VAT laws, policies and guidelines for corporates.It serves as a one-stop guide and offers its readers an in-depth explanation of VAT and a summary of all facts and figures about state specific VAT laws. The book also comes bundled with a CD that contains all related forms and state-wise schedules.

The book covers all aspects of VAT and caters to not only practitioners offering consultation to their clients about indirect tax but also small and medium business owners who are keen to know what indirect tax laws are applicable in their state.Since VAT is a state level tax, it is different in all states, along with its rates and definitions. The laws and rules relating to VAT have been evolving over a period of time in keeping with the changing business needs of the Government. This makes VAT planning difficult for organizations operating in multiple states.The nuances and best practices involved in dealing with the varied indirect taxation laws applicable in each state have been highlighted and categorized in the book for easy reference.

Extensive information about Professional Tax and Entry Tax details for all states is also presented in the book. Latest policy updates, relevant government circulars, notifications and amendments such as the ones made by the Finance Bill, 2013 have also been included. The comprehensive information compiled and collated in this bookmake it a must-have resource for any business owner or professional involved in VAT related matters.
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