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Ponda locals call for raid on vendors exploiting lockdown

PONDA: Alleging that taking advantage of the lockdown and the consequent rush for food, grocery shops and vegetable vendors are selling their commodities at exorbitant prices, Ponda residents have demanded raids on such traders. A number of residents in Ponda complained that since the start of the lockdown eight days ago, there is a severe shortage of essential commodities in the town. This has caused panic among people; fearing that they might go hungry, people rush to purchase food items wherever they are available and whatever price they are sold at. Taking advantage of the situation, people allege, grocery shop owners and vegetable vendors are selling their commodities at exorbitant prices. A Curti resident Shankar Naik suggested that the officers of the legal metrology department should raid such traders and prevent them from exploiting the general public. Fearing that the supply of commodities would run out, he said, many people are buying the essential commodities in bulk. And this is another reason for hiking the prices by the grocery shop owners and vegetable vendors, he said. Source:


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