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Plea to Extend GST annual return deadline: Late availability of utility, mismatches, no option to avail ITC are the major hindrances

Extend GST Annual Return - Tax practitioners from Gujarat have written to central and state governments that it is not possible to file GSTR-9, the annual return of GST within the set deadline of June 30 and so the deadline for filing the return should be extended. There are close to 6.7 lakh registered traders in Gujarat, of which only a handful of them have filed returns and the rest are not able to file returns because the auto-computation leads to erroneous entries, leading to over taxation of the dealers. While the form has a provision to increase the tax liability, there is no provision for rectification if a businessmen want to avail tax refund, which he failed to earlier. In a letter to union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman and as well as to authorities of Central GST (CGST) and State GST (SGST), Gujarat Sales Tax Bar Association said that the utility for filing of the return was available just about a month ago and it is not possible for the businessmen or the tax practitioners to get used to it. Tax practitioners said that because of these troubles, only a small fraction of the businesses have filed their annual return. There are close to 6.7 lakh dealers in the state who have been registered under GST, but only about 2-3 per cent of them have filed their returns, whose deadline ends on Jun 30. A senior official in SGST department also confessed that very few annual returns have been filed so far. Considering similar situation in the past since the roll out of GST, he does not rule out extension of deadline for filing returns.


Not possible to file GSTR-9 within set deadline, they say
  • June 30 – Deadline for annual return ends
  • 6.7 lakh – Close to 6.7 lakh returns to be filed in the state
  • Estimated 3% returns filed so far in the state
  • Experts fear litigation, if erroneous returns filed


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