India Entry & Business Startup Consultings

Antaryami Nayak

Mr. Nayak comes with the background of solid financial performance in multiplying shareholder value. He has been the key person in delivering manifold revenue growth in due course with margin improvement by 3% to 5%. In his 25 years of working life, he has worked in various industries, Indian and foreign multinationals, where not only he acquired knowledge but he also performed and established verticals and have been responsible for expansions.

He has thorough experience for offshore operations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Restructuring and he has expanded the operations in such a manner that it manifests in better production and profitability.  He has done all this by applying the principles of Lean management by optimizing the resources and minimizing the waste in the processes. He is also Six Sigma Green Belt holder and successfully combined the two principles and implemented them in practice.  He has devised KPI management system for various departments to achieve operational excellence and for driving growth.