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New Website for offline access of New GST Return Process

The Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) has released a new website namely for offline demonstration of new GST return process for the taxpayers. > Taxpayers can access the offline tool of New GST Return process, and provide their feedback for improvisation purpose. > Process to access the new GST return offline tool by the taxpayers is mentioned hereunder: ? Go to the homepage: ? Provide “GSTIN”, “Financial Year” and “Tax Period” for which the return need to be filed. ? All the outward supplies will be detailed in GST ANX-1 while GST ANX-2 will contain details of inward supplies auto-populated mainly from the suppliers GST ANX-1. ? Taxpayers can match Annexure of Inward Supplies (GST ANX-2) with its Purchase Register. Source: GSTN Portal


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