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New Functionality enabled in E-Way Bill System – To know the distance between Two PIN codes

The National Information Center (“NIC”) has released new functionality in E-Way Bill system to know the distance between two PIN codes. To access this functionality the process to know the distance between two PIN codes is explained as hereunder:-

  • First, the taxpayer has to go to the “E-Way Bill System homepage i.e., then click on to the “Search button” to view the various options available and then select “PIN to PIN Distance”. After selecting the PIN to PIN distance screen will appear where the user has to enter to PIN code from source location to the final destination i.e. “Dispatch From” and “Ship To” to show the approximate distance between the two destinations.
  • Route distance calculation between source and destination uses the data from various electronic sources. This data employs various attributes, for example, road class, the direction of travel, average speed, traffic data, etc. These attributes are picked up from traffic that is on National highways, state highways, expressways, district highways as well as main roads inside the cities. A proprietary logic is then used for approximating the distance between two postal pin codes. The distance thus derived is then provided as the motorable distance at that point in time.


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